Letter from Judas.

Via S.V. Pillay
on Jun 26, 2011
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My Lord,

Tomorrow I betray you.

As you have asked me to do.

It is with heaviness in my heart that I heed my master’s words.

Lord, if only your feet would be here to catch the tears of contrition that will surely fall come the morrow of my death.

Yes, death, my Lord. For I, Judas Iscariot, will never again be what I am today. I will be an empty shell of a man. But for you I will carry the venom that will surely be spat upon me for the rest of my days.

For tomorrow, my Lord, at the behest of my kiss, they will take you.

While you carry the weight of worlds in your heart.

May it come to pass as you said, my Lord. May our God intervene; may the Romans’ beloved torture devices no more besmirch this land.

You said I will be doing God’s work—that I am God’s own instrument.

You touched my cheek.

My Lord, I beseech thee, reconsider the decision you have taken. Surely your wisdom is needed in this world for yet some more time.

Tarry, my Lord.

Lift this burden from my heart.

Though if you remain steadfast in your resolve, know that I am always your brother, ever ready to do your bidding.

Your Humble Servant,

Judas Iscariot


About S.V. Pillay

S.V. Pillay is a former high school English teacher and current freelance writer in the great city of Chicago. She enjoys writing about religion, spirituality, art, endangered species, the environment, and social justice. She is American by birth (want to see her birth certificate?), South Indian by DNA, a student of yoga, and a proud Generation X’er. She prefers interactions with real human beings as opposed to social networking. And although she owns her share of MP3s, she still listens to records, tapes, and Cds. S.V. Pillay is currently working on her debut novel, a book of poetry, and a bunch of short stories. Click here to follow her on Twitter. Click here to read more stuff.


5 Responses to “Letter from Judas.”

  1. Rev. Sekou says:

    Few writers have taken the mind and heart of Judas seriously. I believe it is because we all are intimate with our own capacity for deep betrayal. Sunita lays bare the soul of our own anquish in the voice of Judas. This is tearse, above all brave, piece beckons us be kind to Judas.

  2. Sunita Pillay says:

    Hi Rev! Although I was raised Hindu, this past Easter sparked an amazing Jesus time for me (for lack of a better way of expressing it), that continues still. I am so compelled by the idea that such a man existed, and that his geographic radius was so small, yet his impact so immense. I just want to live his story through my creative self and imagine what it must have been like to be such a revolutionary.

    And about Judas, I find it difficult to believe that an empathic being such as Jesus would not have sensed an imminent betrayal from one of his disciples. That it would have been a surprise at all is somehwat suspect to me. Perhaps he knew it and didn't say anything or he direcred Judas to make his destiny manifest.

    I don't know. Nobody knows.

    Thank you for your kind words!

    Warm Regards,


  3. Kanikiaraj says:

    if Judas would not have betryed Jesus, would jesus could go on to his death on the cross? i see judas as an instrument to fulfill God's plan. Sure, the betrayal is not an exact example for us but aftermath the sorrow,pain, repentance and asking for forgiveness reflects the merciful and steadfast love of the almighty father.

  4. tomgrasso says:

    I have always thought that the story of Judas is proof that there is no wrong in the Universe. That judgment falls only in the minds of the beholder absent the fact that nothing is imperfect in Universal concept. Thanks for articulating that so beautifully!

  5. Sunita Pillay says:

    Thanks, Tom. Yup, totally agree with you. This piece came from a single burst of imagination.