June 4, 2011

Overcome Fear and Become Your Dream: All You Need to Know Lies Within.

(Become Your Dream/de la Vega ©SeBiArt)

Astrologically pre-disposed to being a dreamer of grandiosity, I am balanced with left-brain sensibility.

A little more than halfway through my fourth 12 year life cycle, the transition towards tapping into my feminine, intuitive right brain is more than well underway.

Just about everyone I’ve encountered, left brain, right brain or no brain, seems to have been affected by this month’s solar eclipse. For those of us who are in some way attuned to the elements that surround us, we’ve perhaps felt the effects of this planetary alignment more strongly than others.

June 1 feels like the start of a New Year for me. Ruled by the Sun, I liken my feelings now to a sunflower – big, bright, bold and beautiful.

I’m ready to unlock the door.

Turning the key

As I closed my eyes, before me stood a locked peacock blue door, adorned with a sturdy, shiny brass knocker and a tiny peephole. There I stood – transfixed almost, tempted to unlock this imposing blue door yet afraid of what might be on the other unknown side.

Turning the key proved to be anti-climactic as it responded quickly and smoothly, devoid of any resistance that I may use as a viable excuse to keep me rooted firmly within my predictable, known world.

Eager to be opened, like a newborn child emerging into this uncertain world, I’m pleasantly surprised yet somewhat disappointed by what I encounter on the other side. As the door eases back in response to my commanding hand, a blindingly bright yellow-white light seeps through, illuminating a vast open space. I acknowledge and embrace this void as it represents my soul. Like a lotus flower blossoming in spite of its murky habitat my soul whispers, in trusting myself, I am ready to open to the wonders of life. Each petal unfolding is an opportunity waiting for me to embrace it.

In this knowing, I release all fear and step confidently into the open space and bright light. This majestic blue door has transformed itself right before my wide, innocent eyes – akin to the awestruck expression one may find on a child’s face when they arrive at their most prized amusement park and discover that all of their favorite rides are available for the choosing.

I am able to see that what lies before me is the fact that in every moment we are given a chance to choose – thus raising our levels of consciousness. I can choose to react to the knocks of life – fear, anger, pain and abandonment –  all buried in the unclaimed luggage of my past, or I can respond by acknowledging that this old, heavy and worn bag no longer suits my travel needs. (FYI, with the exception of two of the six plane trips I’ve taken within the last seven months, I’ve experienced delayed baggage!)

In this moment I am reminded that as I journey through life, several doors with different colors, shapes and sizes will appear along my path.  Rather than view them as obstacles I alter my perception and in gratitude I accept that beyond each of these doors lies an opportunity laden with a wealth of abundance.

The above visualization exercise I share with you, I wrote about over two years ago.

I’d shared it with a few folk in my community, and on 1 June 2011, a kindred spirit whom I rarely see yet whenever we meet our union is ever so sacred – the last time we saw each other as we lay in savasana or corpse pose our hands touched and we naturally and spontaneously held each other – shared it with me.

As I began reading it, I noted that it felt and sounded vaguely familiar. It wasn’t until about the third sentence that it struck me; literally and figuratively, I am the author of my own script!

The Universe will always present us with what we need and when we need it. The only thing we need to do is to trust. At the start of my (symbolic) new year on 1 June, not only did She send me a message, She sent me my own message, reminding me that all I need to know lies within.

For now, I continue to let go of my incessant need to chart the perfect course. I place one foot in front of the other and just breathe.

‘Karma is not happens to you; it’s what you do with your experiences.’ (Unknown)

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