June 19, 2011

Reflections on Hanuman with Seane Corn

“It’s the energy behind the intention and that’s why I wanted to get behind the vision.” ~ Seane Corn

PHOTO: www.carlkerridge.com

When I received the email yesterday from one of the Hanuman Festival bloggers saying that she was not going to be able to interview Seane Corn, and would someone be able to cover my first inital thought was check out who else the email was sent to and see if I thought they would respond, should I bow out or was I even ready to interview one of the most inspiring and brightest lights in the yoga community today. Then, I saw myself bowing out of a great opportunity, not stepping (or seeing) this as a chance to connect with someone who is doing amazing work in the world (off the mat) and affecting global change.  I grabbed it.

Here is Part One – Reflections on Hanuman – of a four part series of my interview with Seane Corn, a modern day goddess at the Hanuman Festival chillin’ down by Boulder Creek.

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Jessica Durivage

Whether in a business suit, on a yoga mat or a meditation cushion, Jessica will follow her Dharma to the ends of the earth and work to bridge the gap with the world and the light that dwells within each being.  Grateful for the wealth of experiences, teachers and mentors who have guided her along her path as a yogi, a business woman, a non-profiteer and an improv comedian; she cultivates mindful, savvy and innovative approaches to make the world a better place each day and lead with compassion, from the heart (and trying not to take herself too seriously). / Jessica is the founder and owner of Where is My Guru – an ever evolving work of life that encompasses writing, art, community, leadership, consulting and a weekly radio show where you can find her contemplating Purusha, Prakriti, the Yoga Sutras and why all Yogis are crazy mo fo’s. Check in with the Where is My Guru Blog and the radio show on Fridays at 11am EST – www.whereismygurunow.com