The best scene from Good Will Hunting.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 20, 2011
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Robin Williams: Have you ever dared to love anyone more than yourself?

Put away the books. Close your laptop. There’s no substitute for firsthand experience.


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15 Responses to “The best scene from Good Will Hunting.”

  1. elissa says:


  2. Lara Minichiello says:

    OH! how perfect for you to post this, Waylon. I VERY MUCH needed to see this today. Beautiful. Love. Real. Powerful. Love.

  3. elephantjournal says:

    Julian Abbott I could never love anyone except myself. Until I meet people from another planet.
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    Lesley Lotto I ♥ Robin
    about an hour ago · LikeUnlike
    Katherine Rebholz amazing segment…thank you for posting!
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    Rita Kirkpatrick I LOVE this monologue. One of the best EVER!!
    about an hour ago · LikeUnlike
    Cameron Burgess just watched this movie again the other night – such a clear reminder that being well-informed (about anything) does not hold the nectar we seek
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    Lara Minichiello Perfect. Having recently been told by someone I truly loved, that "they don't believe in love…" this was a gift to see today. Call it what you will, love exists. And we are all kids, scared shitless to let it in, to one degree or another. Brilliant pick today, Waylon.

  4. elephantjournal says:

    Surjit Rana yes i did!
    20 hours ago · LikeUnlike
    Terry Lee Haefer Yes and it's the greatest feeling in the whole wide world!!! xo♥
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    R Aimée Cruz-Báez This line is amazing…good will …
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    Sven Pihl Yes, yes I have. A mother and her two kids. Then it ended and I hurt, badly, really badly. I freely gave away everything. I needed to rebuild my "self", and in a hurry. I have been on the mat ever since.
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    Mary Kaminski Love this 🙂
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    Annie Tucker Wow! I had forgotten how great this scene was…..
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    Melody Atwood AMAZING scene! AWESOME speech/lecture!

  5. Terri says:

    I don’t watch a lot of “stuff” but this was I’m open to enlightenment as to what this scene is from. Would be very interested in knowing. Thanks!

  6. Jeremy Meyers says:

    IT's from Good Will Hunting

  7. Stopped me in my tracks tonight. Thanks.

  8. Lezlee says:

    Great film and brilliant part of it; thanks :o)

  9. candoor says:

    robin williams has some of the best most profound lines and monologues in movies… truth will out 🙂

  10. Kristin says:

    One of my favorite scenes of all time. Thank you for posting it!

  11. Tammy says:

    I love this. Now I want to watch that movie again. Thanks : )

  12. Melina says:

    Excellent scene and film! Time to watch it again…

  13. Amy E says:

    Words of wisdom from a true master. Beautiful. Have never seen the movie, but, now I will.