June 18, 2011

So Hum: Express Yourself!

Here’s Your Big Chance to Be a Yoga Model–Your Way:
The So Hum Project.

This is the 2nd blog of the series.

Model: Hydi
Photography: Faern

“Through yoga I have learned that I am exactly who I want to be,
and as long as I keep it real nothing else can be expressed!”
– Hydi

“Keeping it real” is a lesson that many of us have to be beaten over the head with… figuratively, of course (most of the time). After all, it’s hard to really be you when you don’t really understand who “you” is in the first place. I’ve found that yoga is an amazing tool for peeling back the layers of stuff to reveal more of the true “you.”

After years of practicing yoga, one thing I’ve learned is that there really is no constant “me.” Like a yoga pose that feels great one day and yucky the next, who I am is always evolving. There are no constants to identify with except for who I am in the moment. The past is just a memory – and who knows what the future holds? All we can do is to “keep it real” and express ourselves in the present.

That’s exactly what Hydi is doing in the image above (read her interview here)—and that’s exactly what the So-Hum photo blog project is all about! Read more about the So-Hum project here.

5 Ways to “Keep it Real” with Yoga

1. Don’t worry about what other people think. Do your own thing, experience the pose fully, and OWN it!
2. Never do anything that doesn’t feel right in the moment in yoga class. Never EVER do anything that hurts. Modify your poses to work for your body, mind, and spirit.
3. Wear clothes that fit your body and your personality and make YOU feel great.
4. Embrace your strengths. Embrace your weaknesses even more—these are opportunities for learning. Never be ashamed of your flaws.
5. Never feel guilty. Never apologize. Never ask for permission. Just follow your intuition, breathe deeply, be mindful, and let life unfold.

What ways do you “keep it real” with yoga?

Faern is an artist, yoga practitioner, and photographer in San Francisco. Besides making as much time for tea as possible, you can find Faern in a yoga class, at her current art show or wandering the city via public transportation. You can visit her in various places online: FaernWorks website, Twitter, Facebook, Faern in the Works Blog.

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