Compostable Bikini? Just add water.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jul 22, 2011
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Above: “Eco Swim by Aqua Green – model is wearing our fabulous laser cut zig zag triangle and tie side pant making sustainable swimwear super sexy!”

We’ve reviewed plenty of men’s and women’s swimwear plenty of times before. Click here for some of that. But never had we heard of…compostable swimwear. Awesome idea—and fun—but don’t worry, it won’t melt off your happily swimming stylee self.

From Linda Loudermilk, via The Blaze:

Linda Loudermilk, an “eco-couture” designer, said she will debut the world’s first fully compostable bathing suit Friday night during a Swim Week runway show. The Miami Herald reports:

It’s fashioned from a plant starch, she said, that has been turned into a fabric so new she just got her hands on it four days earlier. She said the suit won’t dissolve on a woman’s body, but bury it under dirt, like in a land fill, and it would break down within 180 days — leaving not a single spandex strap, blot of chemical dye or foam bra cup insert behind.

“You can use it again or you can throw it away,’’ said Loudermilk, a pioneer of the eco-fashion movement. “It’s very inexpensive so it’s something you can give to your guests but it has a fashion forward look.

Photo here.

And, from Aqua Green:

Eco Swim by Aqua Green is debuting its first collection in 2012! Designed with a contemporary flair, this collection boasts great styling, trend right looks and feel. Our advanced fabrics and production techniques make this collection the more sustainable choice when it comes to choosing a swimsuit to wear. Touted in June 2012, Good wrote “Eco Swim by Aqua Green that’s good for your figure and better for the environment. It’s one of the only swimwear collections on the market that’s taking steps to lower its impact on the planet”. Our mission is to provide fashionable, excellent quality, and planet-friendly swimwear. We will achieve this by embracing sustainable technologies and methods, hence “reducing our carbon footprint in the sandTM”.


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2 Responses to “Compostable Bikini? Just add water.”

  1. I'd like to order some and bring this unique item to our shores (philippines)…let me know who should I contact

  2. Mary says:

    I wonder what the carbon footprint is, though…