July 1, 2011

Debt Ceiling. Democrats? Let’s cut spending, military, tax breaks for corporate jets & hedge-fund managers, cut aid to poor & unlucky. Republicans?

Republicans? Let’s sit on our hands.

A Showdown in Washington over the role of government and the future course of our nation.

President Obama’s speech was feisty, pointed, humorous, thoughtful, knowledgable…and “emotional.”

It’s a showdown. As Obama says, all sides but one (military, Democrats have agreed to cuts) have offered up their sacred cows. But Republicans, though they got us here ($4 trillion in debt is thanks to President Bush), are using the debt ceiling, and it’s catastrophic violation in August, to hold Obama hostage, and push their ideological agenda.

Will it backfire? Hell yes. If…

…we pay attention:

Here’s the full speech (I watched, and enjoyed, all of it this morn. Only 16,000 others have watched any part of it, which in a democracy ought to be embarrassing):

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Read 3 comments and reply

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