“If you really want to boycott Rupert Murdoch then you can’t buy / listen / read / watch any of these.”

Via elephant journal
on Jul 12, 2011
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Phone Hacking Scandal? Overlord of Fox? Hater of rainbows, kittens, puppies and smiles?

A campaign to boycott gathers steam. But what do we boycott, exactly? After all, Rupert’s empire has many tentacles:


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10 Responses to ““If you really want to boycott Rupert Murdoch then you can’t buy / listen / read / watch any of these.””

  1. tea says:

    thanks for the helpful guide/info,some was surprised by but after looking through the list looks like i have been boycotting a while now and didn't even know it :))
    haven't owned or watched TV for years,same goes for newspapers /magazines,as for books i have a huge library already,the only sports i participate is bysicling and yoga.but that is a huge list ,imagine would be difficult to boycott if one is involved

  2. jennyjenjen says:

    It would bum me out to miss the film productions and National Geographic. That's about it. I feel pretty good about my list of their media being pretty short, though.

  3. Jen says:

    Also, the Wall St Journal….this list is incomplete

  4. ERIC says:

    The Wall Street Journal

  5. ARCreated says:

    I'm pretty safe 🙂 I guess I would only have to worry about the film productions and even that is VERY limited…I love being an accidental activist! Man getting rid of the television helped 😛

  6. Robert says:

    Just remember the boycott doesn’t need to be permanent. A year spread wide enough would cripple their revenue, bury them in unpaid debt and force significant change.
    So you don’t necessarily need to never buy that movie or music, just put if off for a while, as long a while as you deem appropriate to let Newscorp know that criminality wont be tolerated and heads must roll.

  7. Denise says:

    That is a scary list of media monopoly.

  8. cocobobby says:

    Not a problem, I don't pollute my mind with any of that crap anyway

  9. snowyogi says:

    awww national geographic?? Not too hard to avoid all the FOX though….yeeesh

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