How to Communicate with Your Dog (VIDEO)

Via Jessica Durivage
on Jul 4, 2011
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Getting to know Waylon Lewis has been an interesting journey, to say the least.  He is always late for our appointments, he is recovering from a sort of un-healthy relationship (so we have that to deal with…), he is kind of rude and you can’t really tell if he is actually listening to you or thinking about the next time he has to post for Ele on Facebook/Twitter.

The guy may not have time for a relationship, but the world around him does stop for his dog, Redford.  Claiming all he knows about dogs come from an obsession with the Dog Whisperer – Red(FORD!) is nothing less than one happy pup (who likes running around Columbia Cemetery off his leash chasing really hot bitches.)

Here is a conversation between Redford and Waylon about why he likes to

play with his ball so much.

Notice how the howling comes from somewhere deep, almost other-worldly and strange… but not.

Waylon’s hero…


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16 Responses to “How to Communicate with Your Dog (VIDEO)”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    It's been a great salve, hanging out with you, and Carl, and you've been an incredible addition to elephant. Thanks for posting this…I really do appreciate and recommend the Dog Whisperer—he's all about training the trainer, and he and Redford both have done as much to help me grow up as anyone.

    As for being late, and rude, and all…er, my bad. When I have a staff I won't have an excuse for the former, not that I really do now. But the rude thing, well, I decided years ago that I was sick of false modesty and bullshiite as conversation…it's better to speak one's mind, even if one is wrong, so that one may share truth, or be more quickly corrected. It's something I fail to do most of the time, so the fact that I do it around you must mean I'm comfortable, and myself. Even if my "self" is rough around the edges!

    Big love. ~ W.

  2. Way – We LOVE getting to know you, and all of your rough edges.

    They are a great match with our own. The river of life would not be as interesting if it didn’t come with some crazy edges, stomach in our throat drops or really windy turns that seem to lead to nowhere, but end up right back at the Source. Much love right back to you.

    Next time you are hanging out at the cemetery… we will bring the beer.



  3. elephantjournal says:

    Naheed Shoukat Ali The most cutest video I have ever seen. My mum often talks to my cat and the pitch of his sound changes with my mum and dad when they talk to him.

  4. alice2112 says:

    My dogs LOVED this post! Thanks!

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  6. Sasha says:

    this is FUNNY!

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  9. Doug Gamble says:

    God I miss my dog , we used to howl like that. I would howl, he would start barking, then we would both howl around the same pitch. I would stop really suddenly and he would stop, too.

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  13. TinaLouise says:

    Most domesticated animals … and many wild ones too I think … love when a human engages in conversation with them. There is certainly a level of mutual respect and tuned-in listening that has to be there for inter-species communication to be most successful.

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