July 7, 2011

Look Around You. Open Your Eyes. Know Love. [Video] ~ David Telfer McConaghay

I’ve posted things of this nature in the past on elephant, and either no one notices, or I get lambasted as being unbearably naive to think that we are in the midst of an enormous transition thousands of years in the making.

This is not a flight of fancy (although it does require active engagement of the imagination — a muscle apparently atrophied beyond repair in many people); nor is it new-agey wishful thinking rooted in self-deluding avoidance of real life.

Cymatics (the process of visualizing sound and vibration as it creates form) explains everything; meditation is the solution. Simple.

Whatever. Watch for yourself. I’m inspired in a determined way. Far from googly-eyed oh-wow what-if inspiration, I’m feeling full-out, f#ck-the-bullsh*t, better make it happen myself ‘cuz no one’s gonna do it for me style inspiration.

What do you feel?


Born on planet Earth, David Telfer McConaghay has since wandered across its surface in search of something which, when found, kindly insists that he continue searching. His immediate family lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, though he also feels at home in Washington D.C.; Grass Valley, California; Bogotá, Colombia; and now, almost Boulder, Colorado. He completed his B.A. in English & Creative Writing at The George Washington University in 2008. Experiences at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm are the primary source of any yogic inspiration David aka Sri Nivasa may express. He plays on Facebook Here and can be followed on Twitter Here

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Read 2 comments and reply

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