July 2, 2011

My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma.

“To have love, to have peace, to have joy, you will have to do and be and speak and think in such ways that produce those responses within your own being and the world around you and within other people.”

Ordained Priest and Master Teacher Mother Clare Watts shares her insights on dogma vs. karma.

  • Dogma“This is how it is because our theologians have analyzed it and figured it out and compared three different languages and come up with conclusions…and this is what you have to believe and these are the rules you have to follow to get into heaven or to avoid hell…”
  • Karma“You learn because you start noticing the results of your actions. Through experiencing your karma, which is the results of your actions both good and bad, you start getting what the laws of the universe are. They will become self-evident if you become an astute student of watching what your karma brings to you. You will start noticing when you think certain ways and speak certain ways and do certain actions what the results are.”
  • -Mother Clare Watts

Would you prefer to “believe in” bounty, beauty, bliss…or would you like to BE bountiful, beautiful, blissful?

“You don’t need to just believe someone’s dogma. You need to have experiences of what is true and real and brings inner peace and helps you get in touch with the ecstatic joy of feeling the love that God has for you personally.”      -Mother Clare Watts

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Read 2 comments and reply

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