July 21, 2011

Waylon Really Pissed Me Off…What about you?

Grateful, as always, to lululemon for the photo

Who does this guy think he is? Did you catch his column, Spiritual Wisdom from an Idiot? He says, “This article goes out to all you spiritual-lite yoga teacher wannabes out there. It also goes out to all the amateur-hour shrinks without degrees who send articles of second-hand impersonal wisdom to elephant.”


  1. Last time I checked you were making a living publishing this “second-hand impersonal wisdom.” And here I am sending it in for free. See what happens when I stop sending. I’ll do it. Just test me.
  2. “Yoga: yoga is so important. It’s, like, saved my life.” Well it did. And it will save yours, too. Come to my class and find out how (Full schedule available on my website. Drop-in rate $16.)
  3. ‘My Self. Two words, capitalizing “Self.”’ Do you even get the significance of this? I’ve spent thousands of dollars to develop My Self. I would never spend that money on myself.
  4. Lululemon? Seriously, you’re going to criticize lululemon? Have you seen my ass in those pants?

What made you laugh, what hit home, and what just plain pissed you off? What do you think is the misperception of all of us “who’ve graduated from two week teacher trainings at a local McYoga studio”? What do we do well, and what is truly complete bullshit?

Weigh in below. If you can come up with a response matching the wit of Waylon’s original article, you’ll find yourself published as a featured author on Elephant Journal (and you’ll be the champion defender of spiritual-lite yoga teacher wannabes everywhere). Somebody help me out here … he criticized lululemon!

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Read 65 comments and reply

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