10 signs your Yoga teacher has a hangover.

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on Aug 8, 2011
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We are Manifest Collective and the 10 signs your Yoga teacher has a hangover come from real life. We hope you laugh! ~ Caitlin and Sarah.

Let’s get right down to it.

1. She walks into the studio and sighs.


2. Class takes twice as long to begin.


3. The lights are off. The entire class.

4. She states today’s class will focus on stretching and breathing.


5. She keeps repeating twist poses… “Twist and feel all the toxins leaving your body….aahhhhhh.”


6. Proclaims a ‘free flow silent yoga class’ and instructs you to ‘listen to your body.’


7.  She puts you in easy pose, has you close your eyes, pops in a Deepak Chopra CD and crashes in savasana.

8.  She still has the Kundalini chakra pants and Wanderlust T-shirt from yesterday’s AM flow class.

9.  She wears sunglasses the entire class.

hangover bloody mary

10. You catch her slamming kombucha and huffing peppermint oil.


Caitlin L. Smith and Sarah Gunnin are the creators of Manifest Collective—a healing arts collective rooted in the beautiful Appalachian mountains. We inspire to teach and help other’s heal through our passion of yoga, dance, music, and holistic health. We incorporate all of our passions into our collective and produce healing arts events. We also teach yoga classes six days a week at East Tennessee State University and our studio Tuco O Tapa. We focus on being the change we wish to see in the world and spreading the love!

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9 Responses to “10 signs your Yoga teacher has a hangover.”

  1. Amanda says:

    Baaaahahahahaha… I love it. Twist poses truly are great for hangovers 😛

  2. guest says:

    interesting how most articles that make references to teachers in today's yoga classes always use "SHE". I guess that means I never come into yoga class hungover 🙂

  3. Yogini5 says:

    Men do process alcohol (or: insert drug of choice here) overdose slightly differently from a woman.
    Young men may be slightly better at faking cleanness or sobriety better, too—probably because of all the strength poses they can do that will distract or intimidate many students (except, unfortunately, I see through that, though).

  4. tanya lee markul says:

    Nice sense of humour! Although to be honest, I've seen these characteristics in none-hungover yoga teachers too! 😛

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    Tanya Lee Markul, Assoc. Yoga Editor
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  5. tanya lee markul says:

    Just posted to "Featured Today" on the Elephant Yoga homepage.

  6. Linda-Sama says:

    this would be funny if it wasn't all too true.

    I taught for an alcoholic studio owner who DID walk into my workshop 20 minutes late, sighing and crying. She reeked of vodka when she sat next to friend who was married to an alcoholic. My friend wrote to her afterwards, telling her "thanks for ruining my yoga experience…I come here to escape what I have at home and I had to sit next to a vodka bottle at a yoga studio."

    she would give adjustments while hungover. adjustments to people in headstand. can you spell L A W S U I T?

    funny! 😉

  7. tanya lee markul says:

    Just posted to "Popular Lately" on the Elephant Yoga homepage.

  8. TheDude says:

    My yoga teacher isn't a party hound woman. How fortunate for me!

  9. Manu says:

    There's one missing: She skips standing forward-bends and down-dog!