August 30, 2011

A Wealth of Consciousness. ~ Nandhi

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Consciousness and wealth—spiritual & material—are not just related, but rather interwoven as one flowing energy field. When there is peace and harmony, abundance of all good things flow naturally—not just for individuals, but also for whole nations.

There has been so much global dynamics springing from the colossal debts USA has and the global politics of economics that shape this. The debt is $14.6 trillion and climbing. That is roughly $47,000 debt for every US citizen.

Is there a need to be worried? What will happen next to the nation, the global economics and our own individual reality? What will happen if a rogue nation like China, armed with economic strength, gains the upper hand to threaten our individual freedom?

These questions and thoughts can be brought to the right perspective if we can understand consciousness as being the wealth that will always gain precedence over any temporary upheavals. 

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If we can gain insights into the history of consciousness, we know we will not fail. We are consciousness that is victorious. Always!

India had been an economic super power for over 2000 years prior to being colonized by the British Empire. This “super-power” status was conferred based on the size of the entire global economy being less than 50% of that of India, the global economy of that period of course included a relatively developed China. Compare this to the 50-year maximum time of the “super-power” status of the USA that in its heyday constituted only 15% of the global economy.

This enormous wealth of India was driven by a foundation of harmony from within for centuries. Economic strength grew due to the inner harmony, the result of the absence of wars, especially in South India. Isolated from invasions for thousands of years thanks to the three oceans of the south and the Himalayas of the north, the Indian subcontinent sustained a society where spirituality was a foundation on which enterprise prospered along with science. The Indian subcontinent provided and still provides the sustaining and nurturing environment to not just a few spiritual seekers, but to over 3 million sadhus, or spiritual recluses.

Consider these facts of an inherent consciousness:

– During its years as a “super-power,” India did not invade/plunder or evangelize another of its neighboring countries. All of its neighbors were trading partners and culture & philosophy flowed naturally.

– Wars were civilized. Wars were fought within the Indian subcontinent with an attitude of being civilized, i.e., no

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civilian casualties, no killing prisoners of war, hostilities ceased every evening to tend to the wounded etc. Sadly, this code changed with the advent of the Muslim invaders from 1200 A.D. onwards who came to plunder India and forcefully enforce Islam on the conquered people while committing atrocities that violated the ethics of war. With the advent of British imperialism, all ethics of war were done with.

– Throughout the years of India’s history, anyone and everyone stepping on the shores of India were treated as welcomed guests of honor. India is the only country that not only welcomed the Jews but also ensured that they were protected and that their trade was encouraged. This is exactly the policy that East India Company took advantage of to later colonize India (see the video below).

– With Islamic invasion & European colonization, the original language, religion and culture of entire nations were obliterated completely and replaced by that of the conquerors. India was the only exception. Even after being ravaged by over 800 years of Islamic rule and then British / Portuguese / Dutch colonization, nearly all its native languages, indigenous cultures and religion are quite intact (as in comparison to Latin America/Africa/Middle East etc.).

– When Mahatma Gandhi started his freedom struggle in India, the British felt threatened almost immediately as the vast majority of the Indian population were agreeable to the concept of ahimsa — non-hurting, non-harming and non-killing as a non-violent path to attaining freedom. Ahimsa as a concept was untried as yet in human history. The Indian freedom struggle through violence was well in place before Gandhi’s presence. What baffled the British and the press was how, without modes of modern communication,  huge crowds would form and wait for hours before Gandhi arrived at any destination. The freedom movement had the whole of India responding to Gandhi’s call to be the “soul-force” from the beginning — that eventually led to Britain’s decision to leave India as a friend. Consciousness still won over steel, guile and greed.

The material wealth extent of ancient India:

When the British got their first administrative hold in the Indian subcontinent starting with what is today Tamilnadu, the British knew that they would conquer the rest of India with the financial “profits” they made. They

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realized that they had the revenue of the world’s richest region of those times.

In 1803, the East India Trading Company (later taken over by the British government) made 13 million pounds as its profit (approx $5 billion in today’s value) from a territory that later expanded over nearly 25 times in size. This “profit” grew compounded each year by a minimum 100% and sometimes 1000% each year — over each year at the minimum, year after year as newer territories were annexed—until the entire Indian subcontinent was under the empire. Newer methods of appropriating money from India were devised—until India gained Independence in 1947.

In between, India footed the entire bill of the UK’s First and Second World Wars cost apart from the costs of all the other wars fought by the British. If we sum up the amount of wealth taken out of India directly and indirectly from 1800 to 1947, by comparison, the current US debt of $15 trillion is minuscule.

Consciousness, however, moves in cycles and is not the monopoly of any one culture or country.

The ancient consciousness of the Indian subcontinent is embedded in the science of yoga, meditation and the essence of realizing oneness — ahimsa. This cycle of goodness for consciousness is now beginning again. The enormous wealth that was with India in the form of stored consciousness through being a super-power for over 2000 years was not depleted as wealth, spiritual and material, is created through consciousness.

When we meditate, do yoga or do any practice that calms the mind to harmony, we experience peace. Thoughts from a mind of harmony are always innovative, abundant, nurturing and inspiring.

As thoughts of the Sages from the East, we wish all to know that even a $100 trillion is still minuscule compared to collective consciousness that can be transformed to abundant material realities in a moment.

The immenseness of spiritual abundance is a power that has come of time and no one person, no nation and no ignorance can stop its manifestation to be the radiance of material abundance.

May we all evolve in our awakening to the harmony of oneness behind each thought. May we all unfold abundant realities in our lives that fulfill, inspire and bless us with well-being, contentment and enterprise that enables the goodness of abundance.


Through years spent in the caves and wilderness as a saddhu under the guidance of enlightened gurus, Tapasyogi Kalathi Adiyen Aadi Nandhi was at first woken up to his childhood dream, a vision that he unfolds at the Ariven Community, a global sanctuary for retired animals. To support the vision, this enlightened marketplace offers products that are recommended by the yogis of India. Nandhi imparts his wisdom and the inner teachings through yoga, through music and by initiation. Visit his yoga website here.

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