Al Gore Says: We’re F****d!

Via Jennifer Cusano
on Aug 10, 2011
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With the sequel to Al Gore’s an Inconvenient Truth in the works, Jimmy Kimmel aired this “trailer” on his show Tuesday night.

Could you blame the poor guy? It’s not like we have done a whole hell of a lot since his documentary aired in 2006. One has to wonder how long the man will go on talking about our planet’s imminent demise before he truly does lose it.

You’re not alone Mr. Gore!


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9 Responses to “Al Gore Says: We’re F****d!”

  1. I hope Al doesn't keel over from all the stress. We need that man. Thanks for the post! 🙂

  2. We do need him! I thought of you Lynn while posting this 🙂

  3. Carol Horton says:

    true dat! enjoyed it.

  4. ComeOn! says:

    Are you serious? Have you not been paying attention at all to what’s happening around you? Probably not since you obviously have your head so far up your ass. Nothing that he said was a lie-I notice your rebuttal lacks proper examples-just has fancy words and loaded statements with which you obiviojsly have either a. No evidence to back up or b. Believe the lies some one more ignorant then yourself has been feeding you. Jeeze its because of people like you there has been hardly any change. You ppl think just because you buy a smart car and fancy gadgets you’re helping- I bet your carbon footprint rivals bigfoot.

  5. Mr. MaGoo says:

    And here's some more for you and the big one. –>… But if you still want to give Al Gore you're money then by all means.

  6. Wow when I have more time I will have to check those links out…I don't enjoy increasing anyones wallet size…good argument 😉 Love these emotional comments!

  7. betterdeal says:

    He looks like he has liver problems. Perhaps being a baby boomer he doesn't accept the things we cannot change as well as other generations, but in the meantime, he can reduce his rosacea by a change of diet and lifestyle.

  8. Howie says:

    Al Gore should focus on his own habits before forcing others to do as he says and not as he does. Stop taking private planes Mr Gore. Stop wasting electricity to the tune $30,000.00/yr and stop driving SUV's. Hypocrite.

  9. Well, they’re basically opposites. Electron affinity refers to the change in energy when an electron is added to an atom while ionization energy is the energy change to remove an electron.