August 6, 2011

Donald Trump hates Wind.

Via Reddit: “Just when we thought Donald Trump couldn’t be a bigger dick…”

Via the Guardian:

…David Milne, one of Trump’s most critical neighbours, whose house at Hermit Point is next to the golf course now under construction, said the billionaire developer was turning into a “New York clown”. Milne’s view over the dunes and the North Sea has been blocked by Trump; a 6-metre (20ft) high earth wall came first, later replaced with a row of spruce and pine trees surrounding Milne’s property.

“How can a man who has just destroyed a site of special scientific interest and is in the process of despoiling an area of outstanding natural beauty with his golf course, comment on the view? It’s laughable,” Milne said.

It remains highly unlikely that Trump’s objections will succeed…read the rest over at the Guardian.

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