August 10, 2011

Harmonium, a Poem


I hear the harmonium

The quiet, constant sound of the instrument

Fingers move, slowly, while the other hand gives breath

And the chanting begins

We call out to he who is most divine

And we call out to that place in each of us

And breathe through the truth that they are one and the same

That we are all one and the same

There is no difference between him and me

Between you and me but

I have already put you on the other side of the fence and

Deemed you unlike me

Acknowledged that we are on different paths

I’m rethinking my position

Questioning everything and nothing and

Breathing through silent answers

Seeking strength without struggle

Once again

On the mat

I hear the harmonium

I hear the collective consciousness that surrounds me and

I sing

For the girl I wasn’t

For the one I might never be

For the woman I am in this moment

Bruised, yet

Open, wild and free

In this moment


In this moment

I see my divinity, my right to be loved by him and you and me and all

This is my right

My obligation to this life, to connect

And to investigate

Past skin receptors and central nervous system

Past these bones

Into open heart, open spirit

Into the open

I don’t go there often;

Sometimes the sun hurts my eyes

And shows me my battle scars

Today I will stand

Planted, and

I will sing to the divine

I will hear my own voice, yours and countless others

I will accept my connection

And I will breathe into this truth

That there is no difference between the divine and me

That there is no difference between you and me

‘Harmonium’ is the second in a series of poetry written in the name of and dedicated to the practice of yoga.
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Read 9 comments and reply

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