Hazing? Rape.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Aug 29, 2011
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Good on the Reddit community, calling out this travesty of a human soul, where this post was reposted and titled…

“It’s Sh*t like this, Greek System.”

“We laughed about it all year.”



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25 Responses to “Hazing? Rape.”

  1. Karen Eliot says:

    Gee, Waylon, that was something not exactly appropriate for adults, either. WTH were you thinking, posting this?

    It’s not like I don’t know this goes on! But I sure don’t expect to read about it on ele — and with no lesson or positive resolution or thoughtful take coming from it!? This was just brain poison.

  2. bourneagainn2me says:

    I fantasize about a day when such behavior will seem so barbaric and beneath the intrinsic value of humanity, that no one would consider subjecting themselves or others to such violence. This person's laughter makes me want to cry.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Given this was on a public web site, has someone turned it over to the police so they can track down the poster? Frankly that amounts to being aware of a crime and not doing anything, and he’s admitted it in writing.

  4. Anon says:

    This is disgraceful. Not only the reprehensible and abusive behaviour described but also Waylon for posting this on a public internet site. Shame on you, sir! Where are your scruples? What is the point in posting this abuse on elephant?
    I am disgusted and appalled. So much so, in fact, that (on the back of the other video fiasco a few days ago) I have stopped my membership.

  5. elephantjournal says:

    Wow, didn't expect that reaction. I think exposing this sort of thing is the positive action in and of itself…I live in a college community and this sort of cruelty doesn't belong…our children and the next generations deserve an enlightened education, not hate.

    Sorry if it offended, sincerely. It is horrible. But we are not an airy-fairy site—we report on anything, good or bad, happy or sad—that can or can't, should or shouldn't go on in a society hopefully inching toward increased kindness, health and joy day by day. ~ Waylon

  6. Leslie says:

    I am having trouble understand why people are in an uproar about this posting? It is a horrible act, and should be brought to light. Shall we hide the suffering of the world simply because we do not want to see it, and it offends our delicate graces?

  7. gratefulyogini says:

    i wonder if 'anonymous' stopped reading and going to the movies after "kite runner" or "precious" or a million other pieces came out that bring to light how evil is still all around us and needs confronting. if we bury these things under the sand, then we do nothing to make a change. i hope that the person who posted the original story (and the sorority girls involved) are all given the punishment they so deserve.

  8. Lauren Wells says:

    wow….not only is this story horrific (can we please find out where the f this was and get some justice??) It seems equally depressing that so many wish to take the "ignorance is bliss" perspective in response to it. Initially it seems like a joke…how can you actually be offended by knowledge of an issue?? Do you chose to also be offended (and therefore ignore) other larger human rights issues in the world; things like human trafficking, or the fact that everything you buy at Wal Mart was probably made by someone who essentially lives in indentured servitude?? I have a feeling the answer is yes, because this is America. Unfortunately the issue at hand as well as some of these responses seem to me an issue of some much larger social problems.

  9. Devar says:

    Are you sure this is not just a sick joke or someone's sexual fantazy? I have heard ot hazing but this does sound like a sleazy porn plot. Not that horrible things dont happen in reality but this specific post I believe to be just crazy.

  10. Misa Derhy says:

    Im frankly surprised how some people prefer to hide from the ugly Truth then face it. Do you really think that if Waylon or Elephant don t post it it will not exist? World will be better place? "It is not appropriate for adult"…who exactly says what is appropriate or not? Should I understand that it is ok to "do " such things, but not comment on it?
    And even if I m unconditional fan of EJ, I don t agree with everything what is written, I don t like all editors choices…but editor has his freedom and clarity of his choices, and we have our freedom and clarity of what we read or not, what we support or not. If we can t read anymore EJ because it is making us face the uncomfortable side of humans society, then we will not read it…and we will not change anything in this world neither. It is much easier to criticize then stand up for our convictions and do something about it. Every time I read EJ, it makes me think, it make me reflect. About WHERE I stand, and what are my core values. The article above…it is not correct only because it is like this, or because we will not write and read about…Ignorance is not excuse.

  11. elephantjournal says:

    via http://www.facebook.com/elephantjournal

    elephant isn't a site dedicated to posting happy quotes and pictures of rainbows (yes, that's half of what we do). We're a community dedicated to truth—whether happy or sad, good or bad—and moving together toward enlightened society. Some feel we shouldn't raise awareness about horrible, sad things that occur: I empathize but can't agree 100%. See respectful discussion in comments. ~ Waylon Lewis
    Lisa Cassidy turning a blind eye to the truth does not make it disappear. It is important that we are aware of every facet of life. Then it makes us appreciate the happy quotes and rainbows even more. I enjoy your posts! 🙂
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    Karen Orchard Scumbags
    about an hour ago · LikeUnlike
    Christina Daly That's wrong. How dare these people treat another human being like that. Absolutely disgusting.
    about an hour ago · LikeUnlike · 3 peopleLoading…
    Christa Holtz We can't change what we can't acknowledge.
    about an hour ago · UnlikeLike · 7 peopleLoading…
    Laurie Powell Schafer I want to vomit.
    about an hour ago · LikeUnlike
    Ana Maria Sierra And we wonder why Abu Ghraib? These stakes were much lower & yet people were cruel. I wish that young man had gotten help. I wish he had reported the crime. I wish he had sued the college so they would do their job and establish a community that is safe and respectful. This is how our society transmits cruelty as a value.
    49 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
    Diana Mickey Erkiletian The lack of humanity is shocking.
    48 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
    Belinda B. Barnes That behavior is not human – if it is I want nothing to do with the human race – that's just sick, I hope one day when those girls have brain cells and conscience, likely when they have a son, that they are haunted with what they watched, did to that young man. That's just criminal! They should all be sitting in jail.
    45 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
    Ann Tardif These people are self-involved narcissists with no respect for their fellow human beings. Disgusting. But there is such a thing as karma.
    43 minutes ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading…
    Susi Costello Incredibly disturbing…but yeah, these things have to come to light or they'll just continue….
    40 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
    Sonja Hauser I am amazed at the lack of feeling by all of them. Then to brag about it, makes me ill
    39 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
    Monica McIntire Benoit Idealism and reality need to be balanced. We can't always walk around in a bubble of bliss and denial. Horrible things happen all the time and while it's not always useful to dwell on it, it's important to know it's there. When I see these nightmares, it reminds me of what my purpose is and why I've chosen the path that I have. You've got to see the shadows to know where to shine the light.
    38 minutes ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading…
    elephantjournal.com There is a culture than many of us not in it forget about…that being cool, big, and putting down/making fun of those weaker is the way to go. This is the environment some of our younger peers find themselves in. I live on the University Hill in Boulder, a well-known party school, and still run into it occasionally, though it's usually just as an ollllld passerby. It's important for us to sit up, take notice and call bullying out, even if it's admittedly far, far from pleasant. ~ Waylon
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    Martha Chisnell This is very sad.

    Maria Birch ‎1. What happened to those who committed this crime? 2. Why are college campuses their own little fifedome where sexual assault is often not even reported to the police? Why are such incidents handled as a "campus matter?" Investigate and prosecute. And educate.

  12. serene dae says:

    where was this….they should have the law involved!!

  13. elephantjournal says:

    I hope you're right.

    There's dozenshundredsthousands of stories like this. Here's a few more, from the same thread above. http://www.reddit.com/r/reddit.com/comments/jybt4

  14. yogijulian says:

    i completely disagree – speaking out about this IS positive and as has been said by many enlightened activist: bad things happen because good people turn a blind eye…

  15. yogijulian says:

    anon i completely disagree – the crime is reprehensible, the attempt to raise awareness about it may prevent further crimes of this nature. which is precisely the "point" of posting it.

  16. yogijulian says:


  17. Ben_Ralston says:

    The word 'rape' is in the title. You clicked to read it. What part of the blog post is any worse than the title?

  18. Ben_Ralston says:

    To answer your first question: because people are in an uproar inside themselves, and they need a place to project, so that they don't have to face their own fear and confusion.

  19. Leslie says:

    That definitely sounds like a factor. I think that it also touches on what others have said here regarding the positivity movement, and that ignorance is bliss. Of course it's upsetting to see and hear of things like this – but that doesn't make them go away.

  20. yogi tobye says:

    Brings light to the fact that;

    A; Girls rape Guys

    B; People stand back and watch other people being tortured because they don't want anyone to think bad of them.

    C; Some people think that elephantjournal.com is where to go to hide from the truth

    Didn't need a whole lot of script for that….

  21. shinryu says:

    Well, it is a little funny…

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