August 25, 2011

{Review} Shady Day Sunscreen Wipes. ~ Samara Stein

As I head up to Chautauqua this afternoon for a hike, I decide to give the Shady Wipes Daily Sun Protection Wipes a try instead of my normal sunscreen.

Shady Wipes are similar in packaging to any sort of baby wipe or cleanup wipe you would get on the market. They contain 15 wipes per package. I found the smell pleasant with the addition of Vitamins E, A, mango fruit extract, cactus flower extract and organic aloe vera. It was a bit hard to get the sunscreen out of the wipe and the wipe kept balling up on me. I would sort of push the sunscreen out of the wipe and then use my hands to spread it around. However, it was difficult to tell how much sunscreen I was getting on certain areas of my body.

I found it easier to use on my face as it is a smaller area of space. The sunscreen felt nice and smooth on the skin once it was on. There are no parabens in this sunscreen but it does contain traditional sunscreens of Octocrylene, Octinoxate, Oxybenzone and Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane.

These are being marketed as a quick convenient way to apply sunscreen for the family. I needed a few of these to cover my whole body. This package is lightweight and can be thrown into any bag so there is convenience there. But, I think a lightweight tube of sunscreen is just as convenient although a tube can explode on you and this type of packaging would eliminate an accident like that. The packaging eliminates having to recycle a plastic container of sunscreen but you are left with the plastic bag that holds the wipes and disposing of the wipes.

These are a quick and easy way to apply sunscreen, especially for kids I would think. The packaging eliminates carrying around something bulky but the wipes can be a bit difficult in covering large areas of the body and the sunscreen can be a bit of a challenge to get off the wipe.


Samara Stein is a numbers girl. She studied Anthropology in school but quickly realized Accounting was her path. Samara has been at elephant longer than anybody and Waylon owes his butt to her.


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