Say NO to GMO’s in Boulder Open Space!

Via Roger Wolsey
on Aug 5, 2011
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Many Boulder area residents are conscious of, and mindful about, what we put into our bodies – and want our loved ones ingesting.  We also tend to be concerned about the best interests of the environment.

We enjoy purchasing locally grown, organic foods at our terrific farmer’s market.

Here’s a way for us to remind the powers that be of our commitments.

Please consider signing this petition to not allow GMO crops to be grown on lands that have been designated as Open Spaces.

Thank you for your consideration.



About Roger Wolsey

Roger Wolsey is a free-spirited GenX-er who thinks and feels a lot about God and Jesus. He’s a progressive Christian who identifies with people who consider themselves as being “spiritual but not religious.” He came of age during the “Minneapolis sound” era and enjoyed seeing The Replacements, The Jayhawks, Husker Du, The Wallets, Trip Shakespeare, Prince, and Soul Asylum in concert—leading to strong musical influences to his theology. He earned his Masters of Divinity degree at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, CO. Roger is an ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church and he currently serves as the director of the Wesley Foundation campus ministry at C.U. in Boulder, CO. He was married for ten years, divorced in 2005 and now co-parents a delightful 10-year old son. Roger loves live music, hosting house concerts, rock-climbing, yoga, centering prayer, trail-running with his dog Kingdom, dancing, camping, riding his motorcycle, blogging, and playing his trumpet in ska bands and music projects. He's recently written a book Kissing Fish: christianity for people who don't like christianity


5 Responses to “Say NO to GMO’s in Boulder Open Space!”

  1. Great info! Shared on the Elephant Green facebook page
    CHEERS! ~Lynn

  2. Roger Wolsey says:

    Thanks for doing that Lynn! : )

  3. Roger Wolsey says:

    to get involved send an email to: [email protected]


    Will Boulder County allow 25,000 agricultural acres purchased with our taxes to support more GMO crops?

    The GMO sugarbeet issue is to be decided later this year.

    Requests to grow other GMO crops are sure to follow.

    It is crucial for our voices to be heard at this time!

    The Cropland Policy Advisory Group (CPAG) will make a recommendation to the County Commissioners soon.

    Please get involved! Upcoming opportunities:

    * CPAG Meeting — The "experts" will speak on Genetically Engineered Crops
    Wednesday, August 10th
    5:30 – 8:30 PM
    Plaza Hotel Conference Center in Longmont

    * CPAG Meeting — Public Input Session
    Wednesday, August 31st
    5:30 – 7:30 PM, times may be changed
    Location To Be Announced: Check the Boulder County website for more information

    * Please e-mail the Boulder County Commissioners!
    Tell the commissioners what you think about this important issue and what you want them to do.
    Please e-mail Commissioners Ben Pearlman, Will Toor and Cindy Domenico
    and urge them to attend the CPAG meetings to hear the experts and the public comments:
    [email protected]

    More information: Dariel Blackburn <[email protected]> or Barbara Mueser <[email protected]>

  4. davecorman says:

    You are a fool. GMO crops will easily support a world population of 9 billion where it starts to decline as incomes improve and women have fewer children. Your selfish ignorant position on GMO's starves millions of people. Move to France.

  5. Roger Wolsey says:

    there's nothing "easy" about doing such a thing. indeed, as I understand it, pests are becoming Round-Up resistant faster than Round Up can keep up with them. Moreover, to feed a population of 9 billion humans, it'd require involving the farmland in France to pull it off.