August 24, 2011

Survival 101: How to Make Fire From Ice!


If I were stuck outside somewhere, I would definitely not think of this! It made sense after I viewed the video, and it is good to know, but I would never have thought two completely oppositional things could work together. This could save lives man!

(Starts off slow, but wait until you see what kind of a flame this piece of ice can produce)

Here are some other survival techniques I came across that are “out of the box”, but should be known.

Contaminated Water?

Pine Bark is Edible!

Hypothermia: Two Rules!
Number 1. keep yourself moving, exercise will warm you up (duh right?)
Number 2. (this is what I did not know) disregard rule number one if you are IN THE WATER!! Forcing blood vessels open by exercising in the water pushes the warm blood to the surface, thus making the warm blood retreat from around your internal organs which is no good. If you are in the water stay as still as you can!

Did you know you can waterproof things like tents, tarps, ponchos, and all other fabrics with Thompson’s Water  Seal? The same stuff you use to waterproof your deck? For people who camp often that can save you a lot of money and time for sure.

With what I think is the best time to camp right around the corner, fall, here are some other camping tips and tricks for those of you who don’t camp with a trailer, motor home or camper.  FamilyTentCamping.com

Have fun and Be safe! =)

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