The Video made me Cry…

Via Waylon Lewis
on Aug 22, 2011
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…with laughter.

Dog Whisperer? Not so much.

This dog is meditatin’…

“Best dog/owner combination ever.”

Bonus, the Dog Whisperer:



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2 Responses to “The Video made me Cry…”

  1. Chip Njaa says:

    @ Lordylord – very well said. @ Mojavemama – I don’t agree with you at all. I respect Ceaser and think that the work he does is amazing. As much as people may love animals, I don’t think everyone grasps the concept that animals all function and interact and learn through a social system that is different than that of humans. I have never seen Ceaser lose his temper or do anything that would be considered cruel. If you have any evidence of your allegations, I would be interested in seeing it. That being said, you seem like a gentle soul and you are certainly entitled to your opinion and I bet that you have wonderful and happy companions in your life! 🙂

  2. Chip Njaa says:

    BTW… looked at the link you offered as proof of abuse… you should try watching an entire episode, rather than various three second clips taken out of context. The montage is similar to filming a person screaming out during therapy when they are being worked on by a therapist. One might assume the person is being tortured. The difference between that and the dogs in the clips is that the dogs aren’t even experiencing any pain. I love dogs more than I love humankind and what Ceaser is doing is not cruel in any way. People can judge for themselves. Just wanted to let you know I viewed your link and don’t consider it to be anything other than random clips taken out of context. So, I guess we have to agree to disagree.