The Wayseer Manifesto – U scared to Embrace Dharma?.

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Been living way too much in your head? I know I have.

A friend poked me with The Wayseer Manifesto & my heart instantly opened. Got choked up.

I remembered that trusting what I love opens me to what is real … the only thing that’s real

& maya (illusion) is what I re-enforce every time I try to prove what a smart wise enlightened old soul I am

I am not alone … love works … fear is an opportunity to love more

obvious stuff … but really important stuff that my head can never & will never grok.

And for a moment I Dared to embrace Dharma!   where I find myself gushing on the dazzling green playing field

of life.    Each time I Trust that I am not as far Away as my program mind keeps telling me,

I discover solutions today unfolding all around me.

Okay, I’m going to put the pollyanna got-it-together bs facade aside for 1 paragraph. Most of the time I’m terrified of what people think. I don’t look it. But I am. And I need all the inspiration I can muster to teach my 2 classes a day seven days a week. It’s by connecting however/wherever I’m able with messages like The Wayseer Manifesto that I somehow manage to overcome the gnawing self-doubt and shame. So if you ever get scared to embrace Dharma, Give it a Click & post a comment!

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3 Responses to “The Wayseer Manifesto – U scared to Embrace Dharma?.”

  1. Grace says:

    A great direction from your last blog. The heart thing is really working for you.


  2. petersklivas says:

    Thanks for your kind words! May we all find ways anew to pay it forward!

  3. jen says:

    This video is my favorite and reinforces the beautiful qualities of the non-conformist. It is a reminder of the force of love and "staying in touch" with our passions and then risking in the way that may break rules and lead us all to be great pioneers and visionaries!

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