August 8, 2011

Underwater, Upside-down Yoga. {Video}

Okay, this is cool. And, beautiful. Video:

My dear friends,
we are being confronted with some challenges right now. Sometimes we tend to make our lifes more complicated than necessary… and as a matter of fact, the only factor that is really limiting us is ourselves! and honestly how much do we actually do to feel better (short/middle/longterm) and how much do we set up to feel bad/sad?

It’s time to take a look at these old behavior patterns, this programming in our mind that is giving us a hard time! NOW is the time!

Emotion acutally stands for Energy Moving and it’s element is water! So this was inspiration for me to make a contribution with this Underwater Yoga Video.
Like my other videos this beautifully shows that “Spirit wins over Matter”. “we might drown for a moment in the darkness of the emotional waves, but if we dive deeper, then we will find the ocean of stillness, the gentle flow at the ground of the current and this will bring us without much effort to the true inspiration.” (beautifully expressed by my friend Katharina Bliss)

Enjoy, NAmAste

UnderWater Yoga ~ Freedom ~ A CreArtress Production
Relax your Body Mind and Soul 😀
Concept/Production/Direction/Modeling&Post Production/Editing by AngelikA Fürstler , Head of Directions Romain Almirall Torrel, Music by Buddhattitude “Freedom” and Jose Padilla & Sunchild Remix “Angels Landing”

International Model, Actress and CreArtress Angelika Fürstler performing underwater yoga/meditation. In the flow. Angelika Fürstler is a professional underwater model being part of various underwater productions and featured in a underwater TV Show.
This is a short (private) video showing that if we really we really want, anything is possible. Please note that there is a strict and adequate pre-preparation phase included for being able to hold the breath for so long. So please do not try this at home!

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