When am I no longer an “aspiring” writer?

Via Tom Grasso (Gyandeva)
on Aug 3, 2011
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Ok.  You have to listen here.  Not because I tell you to but because you want to.  Wait, I take that back.  Listen because I am telling you to, or because you love to see a grown man beg.

Yes, I am about to beg.  In the tradition of Buddhist monks I am going to walk into the world with a proverbial bowl and two robes to begin this journey.  Like Adam and Eve before the apple I am going to bare my Self.  No fig leafs, no shame, just a verbal question to you all that follows up on the true action I have been asking the Universe.

“When will I no longer be an ‘aspiring’ writer?”

See, I have no formal training in the art of writing nor have I any real experience except in my hobby.  What I do have is an innate talent and a great desire to write.  I love pulling that part of me inside that hides out into the open and sharing it with the world.  Writing is me at my most vulnerable, my most honest and my most real.  It is the Self exposed in real time and the moment realized in the absence of time.  It is paradise in my midst.

Now that the disclaimers are out of the way, let me say that I have absolutely no writers in my family.  Nor are there friends who can share with me the experience or advice necessary for me to engage in my love of the written word.  So, I have asked the Universe to become a writer.  Again, I don’t ask the Universe in words for something which is, to some, ironic given my love of words.  I ask in action.  So, I began writing on my blog and then for elephant journal.

In this activity, the feedback I am getting has been tremendous.  Emails, Tweets, posts, messages, texts and whispers in my ear all tell me “you should be a writer!”  Um, ok.  I appreciate the Universe answering me this way as it certainly has given me a push in some direction, but I have absolutely NO idea how to go about being a writer.  Or at least feed my family while doing it.

So, now I ask the Universe by writing and, in the process, ask the fine readers of my blog and elephant journal “how do I become a professional writer?”  To those volunteer firefighters (like me) out there who think the world “professional” doesn’t mean “paid”, I am speaking intently on getting paid to write (the volunteer firefighter thing will just have to wait for another post).  What is the process?  Who should I contact?  What should I do to make a living doing what I love?

As you can see, I am not just asking for the process of writing.  That much was given to me just after the sperm met the egg as well as the countless hours of practice I have had since.  What I am asking is much more complicated, and any advice anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated and welcomed.  For those who earn a living sharing their thoughts in written form, you know exactly what I am talking about.  I hope you can share with me your experience and your suggestions.

Ok, now I can put my clothes back on.  It was a bit chilly anyway.  At least that’s the excuse I’ll give.

Thank you for your time and your help, as I know some of you will invariably be drawn to help this wondering soul.  I can’t wait to get started, and look forward to a much clearer path ahead.

Be well, stay safe!



About Tom Grasso (Gyandeva)

Tom Grasso is a Colorado-based seeker, meditator, blogger (new site), and creative wordsmith. More importantly, he is a father of three (meaning he is also a lecturer, teacher, chef, order taker, taxi driver, coach, mentor and aspirin addict) and has found great joy in sharing his life experience to the benefit of others. Tom is an abuse survivor and a reformed (though unapologetic) bad ass warrior who bares the scars of his adventures and the power of transformation in every word he writes. As a former firefighter and rescue tech, Tom understands the fragility of life and the impermanence of each moment. You can follow Tom on Tumblr , and can find his books on Amazon. You will soon be able to purchase Tom's short stories (and erotica) at www.tomgrasssowriter.com. Don't forget to like his "blog page" at Tom Grasso, Writer on Facebook.  


3 Responses to “When am I no longer an “aspiring” writer?”

  1. aloudblog says:

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for this post. I am in a very similar situation to yours. Although I feel peace when I hear the clickity sound of the keyboard, I feel restless when I think about how I will manage to earn a living from it…Your post comes at a great time and I am looking forward to people's comments.
    Unfortunately, I am afraid there is no single answer to your question and as in yoga, we must all make our own path. I do wish that sometimes, life could be followed like a recipe. Put in the right amount of sugar and it tastes sweet…
    Cheers and best of luck,

  2. tomgrasso says:

    Thanks Laure, I wish you well on your journey.

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