September 21, 2011 A Stranger’s voice ~ When it comes to mind, where is mine engaged?

Year 2011, September 21st, Gregorian calendar, these are the News…

Comet Elenin travels through our space, the long awaited year 2012 is around the corner, another ‘grand cycle’ measured exactly by the unending Mayan calendar is approaching its last hours as people prepare for a new count to begin; NASA’s new solar powered twin lunar laboratory, GRAIL, will attempt to solve the mystery of the two moon; UFO’s official disclosure saturates the cybernetic of life philosophy. Yoga has become a physical workout for the masses, as distorted sound waves echoing its ancient wisdom try to resonate with the gem of the Jinas, in an attempt to travel through out time and space in a world of misunderstood energy of elemental manifestation so to hopefully sound clearly for those who want to hear. Project BlueBeam is casting holograms making our illusion of illusion even more dimensionally unreal. People are talking, talking about people, let’s give them something to talk about…

Human consciousness’ splitting defines in absolute extremes,
on one side is fear, on the other side is love,
still the Universe is all about wholeness.

People’s sub-atomically vibrations are resonating with each other’s according to the frequency that matches their state of mind,
some frequencies vibrate harmony while some others vibrate dis-ease.
We listen to the media and not so easily recognize any universal truth,
the self takes sides accentuating division in blind interaction with the Natural laws of creation.
We think that we know and fail to discover the mysteries.

Even within the most enlightening topics such as healing, spirituality and wholeness,
the ego force within each of us seems to strive for separation, criticism of each other’s practice,
the establishing of self-importance, in the fanatic whirl of seeking material gain, honor and fame.

Mindfulness and introspection in not guarded when the elephant of the mind runs wild.

Will I survive? Will the Earth be destroyed? Will humanity prevail? Will the weather be compassionate and let us continue even in our unchanged  lazy denial of Nature? How much longer can I still look outside of myself, accusing the other of unconscious behaviour for not being aligned with what I believe to be the only way, making it impossible for me to see clearly and quite the mind?

“How many malicious people, as [unending] as space, can I kill?
When the mind-sate of anger is slain, then all enemies are slain.

The waves of consciousness are shifting,
which vibration will I choose?
What dimension will I become?
Will I choose in fear, hatred and pain?
Will I choose love, peace and harmony?
Will I stay 3D, or will I embrace 4D, the dimension of time,
so I get closer to the 5th dimension of spirit?

To be inspired means to “be in spirit”.
Once again, yin and yang, the darkness exists for light to be seen, to come out  of doubt and confusion from the unsteady mind.  Be in Spirit, clear the clutter of mind, honor the body vessel, welcome a stranger’s voice.

In these times of worldly loss,
beware when the voice within has become a stranger’s voice;
beware when the voice of the guru is a voice of pride and elitist community,
for the vices of the soul will take place again and again even in the ones blessed when the mind is unguarded.

“For the propounder of the Truth said that all fears and immeasurable sufferings arise from the mind only.

47. When one intends to move or when one intends to speak,one should first examine one’s own mind and then act appropriately with composure.

48.When one sees one’s own mind to be attached or repulsed, then one should neither act nor speak, but remain still like a piece of wood.

49. When my mind is agitated, sarcastic, full of conceit and arrogance, ridiculing, evasive, and deceitful,

50. When it is inclined to boast, or when it is contemptuous of others, abusive, and irritable, then I should remain still like a piece of wood.

51. When my mind seeks material gain, honor, and fame, or when it seeks attendants and service, then I will remain still like a piece of wood.

52. When my mind is averse to the interests of others and seeks my own self-interest, or when it wishes to speak out of a desire for an audience, then I will remain still like apiece of wood.

53. When it is impatient, indolent, timid, impudent, garrulous, or biased on my own favor, then I will remain still like a piece of wood.

54. Perceiving in this way that the mind is afflicted or engaged in fruitless activities, the hero should always firmly control it by means of an antidote to that.

55. Resolute, confident, steadfast, respectful and courteous, modest, meek, calm, devoted to pleasing others,

56. Undistressed by the mutually incompatible desires of foolish people, endowed with compassion, knowing that they are like this as a consequence of the arising of their mental afflictions,

57. Always resorting to irreproachable things for the sake of myself and others, I will maintain my mind free of pride, like an apparition.

I will keep the mind unshakable.

One that has become self-controlled in that way should always have a smiling face. One should give up frowning and grimacing, be the first to greet, and be a friend of the world.”

Be a friend of the world.

When it comes to mind, where is mine engaged?


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Bibliography: A guide to the Bodhisattva Way of Life by Santideva
Translated from the Sanskrit and Tibetan by
Vesna A. Wallace and B. Alan Wallace

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