September 24, 2011

“A shockingly sad video.” (Heartbreaking)

Anorexia Bulimia Contac:

Comment via Reddit:

As a recovering anorexic (who also suffered bouts of purging) I can say that this is pretty damn accurate. Even after 7 years of therapy and 5 months in a residential treatment facility, I can’t see myself accurately in a mirror. I look at a pair of my jeans (size 4, still small) and think, “Huh, those are small jeans. I can’t possibly be fat if I can wear those jeans.” Then I look at myself in the mirror in said jeans and think, “Holy shit, why am I so fat?”

This commercial (and accompanying photo campaign) make me cry every time.


Most upvoted comment on youtube:

damn i was looking in the mirror and was like ‘wtf she’s hot’…

and then the camera zoomed out and my heart literally dropped.

very powerful message, im a guy and i dont have any disorder’s or anything, im just saying.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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