September 16, 2011

Eating For Beauty.

I’m sure you’ve heard of him, elixir craft master and longevity guru extraordinaire: David Avocado Wolfe.

Perhaps the world’s most known rawist, nutritionist and health and beauty expert, he’s also written a number of books, one of which I read during a recent 7-day cleanse called “Eating for Beauty.”

I’ve been drawn to David’s products and wisdom for years. It seems everything he offers is pure, radiant, earth-friendly and well, yeah, pretty much raw, but what draws me the most to him time and time again is his radiantly positive and charismatic energy, which is also present (and its art form discussed) throughout this book.

Eating for Beauty offers a perspective that beauty is an achievement and in order to attain it, there are certain things we must do, or shall we say eat. Beauty being defined as mental and emotional poise, spiritual presence and physiological attractiveness. All of which, according to Wolfe, is a result of consistent practice.

Things that you do every now and then do not really affect your life–it is what you do consistently, such as eating food that controls your destiny.

Have you ever thought about why you eat the way you do? Perhaps it’s due to so-called ‘ideal’ dietary patterns that have been set-up for us since we were born, most of which are no means ‘truths’ or necessarily good for us. Or, perhaps you do as you do because the ‘experts’ don’t seem to agree. Either way, the best advice this book gives is to judge by results, not by theory.

“The bigger the lie the more people will believe it.” – Josef Goebbels

Wolfe says that the way to live in peace, love and harmony with nature and animals is a raw-food based diet. He believes it is also the healthiest and optimal way to fully benefit from vital nutrients and minerals, hence it is the secret of his beauty diet. Wolfe believes a raw food diet puts us back in touch with our food instincts, helps to detoxify and balance our bodies making them more symmetrical and more attractive in appearance and that overall, it generates optimal digestion, inner cleanliness, cell rejuvenation and therefore the best anti-aging abilities and longevity one can ask for.

Did you know that laughter and love vibrate on the same level as raw food? 

What is the ideal image of your self? Are you eating as if you are a work of art? What you are eating now could be leading you toward a certain destination whether it is destruction or success. Wolfe believes that beauty and grace are our natural states and that we can all get there if we learn to unwind our bad habits, our negative attitudes and open ourselves to the unlimited possibilities that nature has to offer.

Physical beauty is a function of inner cleanliness. When we practice yoga, we not only stretch but also strengthen the body. We also detoxify and purify. Yoga promotes symmetry of the body as both sides are being asked to work equally. Combining yoga with a raw-food based diet can have magical effects. Yoga helps the body to release stagnant and negative emotions and perceptions – combining it with the most optimal fuel available (a raw-food plant-based diet) helps us to tap into a reservoir of abundance, exuberant happiness, vitality and confidence.

Making the change. All changes take time and not everyone can handle quitting anything ‘cold turkey’ – here’s an encouraging poem from this book that reflects a bit of one yogic thought, find your limits, expand your boundaries

A word to the wise:

Habit does advise

That a sudden shift

May be too swift.

A shift’s gift

May stir and uplift

Things of the past,

Best released slow

Instead of fast

When you continue to strive

Slow changes arrive,

Persistency is like a gauge,

Step by step, page by page,

Consistency is nature’s wage

That unlocks any cage.

This is only the mere tip of the iceberg of this book! If you have a calling and want a change in your life or need some inspiration, I highly recommend it. It’s entertaining, has a massive amount of knowledge, interesting facts, research, wisdom and a ton of recommendations for additional reading and further exploration.

The universe rewards the virtues of discipline and perserverance!

You are a work of art in progress!

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