I Am You.

Via Joana Smith
on Sep 11, 2011
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About Joana Smith

Who I'd like to meet: Superman's Children, eco-warriors, truck drivers, persephone, roller derby queens, nurses, scientists, givers, priests, yogi, storytellers, people who don't know right now, playwrights, philosophers, people who are more visual, people who hop trains, performers, poets, seamstresses, activists, Spider-Man, kids, rangers, Snow White, dj's, massage therapists, people who work with their hands, bunnies, sportsracers, people who work in offices, dancers, baristas, artists, cleaners, climbers, Jeff's sister, Colbert, Skiers, Bikers, skaters, surfers, ani, people who are recovering, trees (and flowers), people who will die soon, gardeners, horses, Jolie-Pitt, soon-to-be mothers, margie's daughter, astronomers, people who are scared, girls who wear black and listen to the Smiths, cuffmakers, lambs, Miranda July, the man in the moon, Bono, people from 'round here, Obama...


11 Responses to “I Am You.”

  1. dan says:

    exactly, especially the first part

  2. Justin says:

    I guess I missed collaboration? In any event, I saw it today — and we really enjoyed it. No dragons here.

  3. Joana Smith says:

    Thanks for the feedback, guys!

    I just want to play with feelings, material objects and dreams.

    How does everyone feel about facebook world?

  4. megandally says:

    dear love.
    get out the map get out the map and lay your finger anywhere down.
    i like, "everything on the earth is looking for water."
    and i think i have told you that before on here.
    isnt that what face book is? everything on earth looking for water?
    camping to me feels like water.
    i love those pictures.

    and the picture of the man that you found in paris. thats him right?

    no cuffs? no emotions?

    i signed up for a gym. walking a fine line of wanting to be healthy, and wanting to be somebody else.

    joie just walked into the room wearing her striped birthday cone hat, she pulled the elastic strap around her head by herself.
    she is a person. a little walking person. how did i make that?

  5. Doug D says:

    This is lovely. Can found objects have a digital life? Can we? Clearly we manage to. But it’s the tangible particulary-ness of things that I miss in the digital world. Maybe you do too.

  6. Joana Smith says:

    "isnt that what face book is? everything on earth looking for water? "

    Yes, I think that's what we are looking for, if we can find it.. If a profile could comfort, yours does. And if joining a gym is what you want to do, same with wanting to be somebody else. Personally, whenever I'm confused about who I am I try to channel you. You said once that you could picture me working in my garden, it made me want a garden, but then there was a drought, so I'll have to work on that one…Sometimes the reflections/wishes aren't quite the way it plays out. But we can try to make a pretty realization of home.

    I finally found some friends here in Houston to have coffee with. she lives on the other side of my block. It took awhile… But she actually lives in the little house I took pictures of last year trying get you to move to my neighborhood! I kept calling it my best friends' house…and nobody lived there for so long.

    Joie is so delightful. Thanks for the pic with the striped hat that you posted on my wall!…. I love all the little green and red pictures you post. I hope to get to see her again before too long. Maybe we can go family camping in the Sierras someday. … …

  7. Justin says:

    Weird — how the comment I was replying to above got deleted. Does elephant journal do that now — or was it something I said?

    In any event — I was able to get the deleted comment from the Google cache — so it's all good — I guess I could repost it, I don't know — I thought it was a good comment from Joana, FWIW.

  8. Joana Smith says:

    How will we change? You are too far away now!

    We had so many conversations
    and I'm left there, looking like I've been talking to myself…
    One-sided, like a monologue. ..
    I don't want to care, but..

    I love you like mad, Justin,

    …And Princessland will have no Obelisks!!!(….or Suns!!!)

  9. Justin says:

    Also Joana,

    …And Princessland will have no Obelisks!!!(….or Suns!!!)

    Am I sinking into the Autumnal equinox — to be reduced fully by the Winter solstice — before I can be reborn at the Summer solstice??

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