September 30, 2011

I’m Swamped, Stoked, & Nutty Busy. What I’m Learning about Letting Go, Getting on with it, & Getting it All Done.

“Hey video star.” That’s the subject line of an email Elephant Journal editor Waylon Lewis sent my way a day or two ago. (He’s a blogger, not to mention a media hound, so he won’t mind I shared that with you. Love ya, Waylon!)

The rest of it went something like this:

W: Miss you on Elephant.

Me: I’m swamped! Libre is launching like hot cakes, I’m doing workshops, and seminars, and retreats and coaching and teaching yoga and working my little dharma-living buns off!

W: So write about being swamped! It doesn’t have to be a full-on article.

Later, in my head, I’m pondering the lesson here. ‘Cause I’m kinda addicted to doing that.


Sometimes, the intention is what matters most, not the execution of it. Sometimes, it’s the heart of the thing that makes the difference, not what it looks like in the end. Sometimes, just getting it done is enough.


So here it is, my first ‘Back to Elephant since Things Got Even Nuttier’ post.

And though it may not look or read as pretty as I’d like, I hope the intention comes through:

I miss the people I connect with here. I miss the heart-centered interaction and the wonderful souls that make up the Elephant community. I miss you.

And maybe, just maybe, saying that is enough.


Maybe the message is more important than the way it’s delivered.

Maybe the intention is greater than the sum of its parts.

Maybe it’s enough sometimes just to say,

‘This is all I have to give right now.”

And maybe just being our honest, humble, all-too-human selves is actually the best thing we can do for the people we care about.

Because then they feel more welcome to be that way, too.

With love,


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Read 4 comments and reply

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