Intersection: contemporary dance and contemplative poetry

Via Jeffrey Woodruff
on Sep 20, 2011
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Ballet Nouveau Colorado celebrates the opening their tenth season with the performance of Intersection. Contemporary dance, mixed to the poetry of Denver based Michael J Henry, runs through 25th September at the Performing Arts Center at PCS (In Denver).

The ninth season featured spectacular choreography; an inviting and passionate company of dancers and collaborations that yielded sold out shows throughout the front range.

Intersection, the kickoff of Ballet Nouveau Colorado’s 10th Season, highlights the talent, curiosity and expertise of BNC’s company dancers. The company’s production features students of The School of Ballet Nouveau Colorado’s, Stefan Ebersole and Nicolas Sakai.


BNC Intersection


The production extends BNC’s partnerships to include the poetry of Michael J. Henry of Denver based Lighthouse Writers Workshop.  Michael and BNC’s Artistic Director previously shared the stage in 2008.  Michael J. Henry’s poetry, read by BNC’s company dancers, is intricately expressed to Garrett Ammon’s choreography. “Merging the written word with movement”, Intersection explores the mysterious disappearance of a suburban teenager. The choreography is complemented by John Hughes like suburbia videography- including footage of Adams County School District and suburban Denver- with music by Bach and Chopin.

For a multi-sensory multimedia experience, enjoy BNC’s 10th season kick off this weekend in Denver. Also, add Nov 4-6 & 11-13 to cross the line and see Ballet Nouveau Colorado at Red Line in Denver- “A Shared Experience in Art”.

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