October 1, 2011

The Astrology of Revolution.

We’re on the brink of a huge change right now in the world. Astrologically this is indicated by the upcoming Saturn transit into Libra. Since September 2009, when Saturn entered  Virgo, we have been analyzing, worrying over and trying to reorganize the “post-Empire” world. (after the transit of Saturn and Ketu through Leo – the sign of government and power).

This has been a time where the chinks in the armor have been revealed in an unprecedented way. Our reliance on unsustainable (and even dangerous) resources has been shown by two unprecedented man-made disasters. In 2010 there was a seemingly unending geyser of oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. In 2011 – after a massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan – the worst nuclear disaster ever occurred (and is still not resolved).

These natural atrocities alerted us to the unsustainability and overreliance of humanity on dangerous and limited resources. Such crises have distracted us from systemic problems such as global warming, ecosystem destruction due to predatory agribusiness, and many other issues that need to be addressed.

In a similar vein, unsustainable financial systems and unethical practices, the concentration of power in the hands of the few, have been revealed. These financial and political inequities have led to things such as ”the Arab Spring”, “the Tea Party Movement” and most recently the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.

Saturn in Leo and Virgo

Saturn is the planet of control, stress, commitment and forbearance. There can be extreme rigidity with Saturn, due to a fear of losing control. Yet, facing harsh realities is the greatness of Saturn. In Leo, we faced the harsh realities of unsustainable power figures, both in government and the financial sector, with economic crises and “Western Empire” disgraced. In Earth sign Virgo, we have been shown the need to find cleaner, greener, more practical systems and fuel sources, and the greater need to live within our means. Also, there has been a more curious and flexible approach to problem solving, as we seek to even out the “haves and have-nots”.

Saturn will reward the humble and the pure of heart and disgrace the arrogant. His greatness is restoring balance to this inequity. There are many stories in Vedic literature of kings falling at the feet of beggars and sadhus (wandering monks), who hold the actual treasure of existence in their heart. Saturn reminds us that we all leave empty handed.

The Video Below Explains That last Two Transits of Saturn – Through Leo and Virgo

Where is all of this heading – Saturn in Libra?

The real solution to our problems is to learn how to talk to each other and compromise around common themes. Polarized by fear we will accomplish nothing. Of course, those who have the most to lose – the 1%, those clinging to the old worn-out paradigm – are resistant. But (in the words of the Borg, for you Star Trek fans) “Resistance is Futile”. Progress will be made, compromises will be found.

My feeling is once Saturn moves into Libra you’re going to see such apparently opposite groups such as the “Occupy Wall Streeters” and “Tea Partiers” coming together around a common theme of taking back the US (and the economies of the world) from the international banking cartels and business interests that are trying to gobble up everything for themselves, and leave the rest of us in the lurch. I am not saying these groups will openly embrace each other, but we will start to realize what is obvious about each “extreme”, the soft, gooey center we all share –  that is not being honored now.

The transit of Saturn through Leo, then through Virgo, has shown us again that the power of the empire (Leo) is with the resources (Virgo) of the people (Libra).

The Summer of Love,.. Am I Just a Dreamer?

In February 2010 the final aspect of the most recent Saturn / Uranus opposition occurred. The previous Saturn/Uranus opposition happened in January 1967 – just a few months before the “Summer of Love”.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see we are living through similarly transitional times, where the status quo must be broken in just about every area of life we can imagine. Political, personal, financial. We have pushed natural resources to the brink, in a world trying to sustain close to 7 billion people. Fueled by dangerous and limited resources, and with power concentrated in the hands of those motivated by mainly one thing, their own bank account.

Saturn in Libra will be a time where collectively we will face the consequences of our actions (Saturn), in order to restore balance (Libra), to a world that is unsustainably out of balance. Very recently the French voted out the conservative, business-friendly Sarkozy regime. India just filed the first lawsuit against international agri-business giant Monsanto. Once the shoe drops here in the US, the obstructionists – those opposed to ruffling the feathers of the wealthy,.. (oops I mean the “job creators” – ack!) by making them pay their fair share – will not have a leg to stand on.

There is still plenty to go around for everyone. There is plenty of wealth. There are plenty of resources. There are plenty of energy solutions. But the people need to pry the white knuckled grip of the few from the levers of power.

Together we can accomplish anything, or we can remain pawns in the chess game of the elite. Polarized around shadow issues, manipulated by our fears.

We all need to drop these false labels of “right” and “left” and acknowledge the commonality of all human needs and start there. Once that happens, we will find a huge middle ground on which to establish consensus. This is the mentality overlords have used to divide the people for centuries.

Everyone is so worried about saving their own skin, and protecting what they have, that they could care less about their brothers or sisters.

In Libra the motto is “if I have to make you suffer in order to be happy, then I would rather not be happy”. This is why Saturn is exalted here. In Libra consensus is formed around common ground. Rather than collapsing in fear then retreating in our moment of weakness. In Libra, Saturn is more oriented toward service and helping alleviate the suffering of others. And this is one of the biggest problems that face humanity now. Everyone wants to be a leader and no one wants to serve or be humble.

But we will all be humbled.

Very soon, I think.

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