September 27, 2011

The Celebrity Body.

Celebrities, actors, musicians, models and the like all are jobs where pretending is a part of the job description.

These people assume personas, images, and roles to convey a certain message and earn a paycheck. Often these roles mean changing the body: losing weight, gaining weight, adding muscle, changing hair color and wearing a plethora of make-up. The body is taken to extremes as it is captured on film.

In the past those embodying these roles only stayed in these states for a short period of time before returning to their norm, which often didn’t differ that much from the rest of us. They didn’t have to deal with the constant onslaught of paparazzi and were free to show-up as themselves. It wasn’t a top news story if they gained 5 pounds or dared to go out with out make-up.

In current times this isn’t the case. The media is everywhere and a celebrities’ life is no longer their own. They are constantly subject to remaining locked in the roles they play on film. As a society looking in we start to see this as the norm and thus make attempts to recreate the appearance of the celebrity in ourselves, a process that takes hours in the gym, a strict diet and a whole slew of personal assistants to maintain. They have a full-time job to keep up appearances. We don’t.

Even the celebrities that appear on reality TV aren’t real. Do you really think that Kim Kardashian and her family all wake up with perfect skin and make-up? Admittedly I watch her show, and each time am struck by the incredible appearance of her skin.

There is also the subject of Photoshop. Almost every image that we see in the media has been somehow altered.  More and more I see ads on TV that can’t be real as the celebrity in it doesn’t even look like themselves.  Think about it.  They even have live action of long dead celebrities!


And this latest ad from H&M. Each time I see it I think this model looks like a robot! Nothing you see is real!

From an artistic perspective; fascinating. From the fact that we are bombarded by these images all the time perspective; disturbing.

What is your take?  Do you recognize the perverseness of digital alterations?

Photos: celebrity-fragrance.blogspot.com, Twitpic.net

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Read 11 comments and reply

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