The outcome of saving & adopting a dog.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Sep 6, 2011
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Rescue Dog, Before & After.

The full post is here, and worth reading for the context and comments. I’ll just share the two photos, which tell a lovely wonderful inspiring heartbreaking story, all by themselves:

“Saw a dog on Reddit that was going to be put down 2 days later due to overcrowding. Drove to LA to rescue her and she’s been lovin’ life ever since!”

To adopt a dog, any dog, or any pet for that matter…click here and search by breed, age, etc.


After. Doubleclick image for full size:



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9 Responses to “The outcome of saving & adopting a dog.”

  1. jbnorton says:

    "I'm FLYING!!!!" love. the. ears.

  2. […] Many people who practice yoga, and live by its ethical guidelines, rescue rather than buy dogs. […]

  3. […] He was my first baby. My life was pretty easy and predictable until I was 25. Not that I was always happy or sane. But at least I was kinda normal. I was a married grad-student, rock-climber fanatic, sister and yogini when I met Pete. I often think that Pete fell into my lap because I was about to really need his warrior spirit. Pete became the best stability a person could ask for: my anchor for the last 11 years. […]

  4. yoginimichelle says:

    I love stories like this. My rescued Boston Terrier was used as bait in dog fights, and was dumped on a vet's doorstep after having his testicles ripped off, over 100 bite marks all over his body, legs, and ears, one eyeball chewed out and the other punctured, which required a corneal transplant. Eddie is now the happiest, sweetest, most patient and loving dog I could ever want. Bless all those who give their time and hearts to doing this great work.

  5. Tara says:

    Awww! Heartwarming!

    We adopted a greyhound last year. When we got her, she was terrified of people (especially men) and would jump at the sound of a pin dropping. She didn't know how to play, she wouldn't accept "treats" because she never got them while in the shelter, and any time we'd come in the room she'd cower in the corner or runaway from us.

    However, due to a lot of TLC, a year later she is a totally different dog. She loves us so much that she actually has separation anxiety now (lol!) when we do leave the house, she loves playing with our other doggie and loves her dearly, she looks forward to getting "cookies", and she's showing signs of affection like licking our hands and snuggling next to us when we sleep. Just wish I could adopt more and not get so attached to them (it's so sad when they have to leave us 🙁 ).

  6. Tara says:

    Oh, that's so sad. I'm so glad you took that poor baby in and gave him the love he deserves. _/ | _

  7. Kris Lord says:

    That after photo lifts my heart and brings tears to my eyes. What an angel.

  8. Sarah says:

    This reminds me of the "Who saved who?" bumper stickers. I think I was just as lost and unsure in my own skin as my dog was before I took him from the shelter. It is amazing how transformative a love that strong can be for human and dog.