Topless Co-Ed Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society Bares It All In The NYC

Via Jennifer Cusano
on Sep 7, 2011
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“We’re a group of friends, and friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends, and complete strangers, who love good books and sunny days and enjoying both as nearly in the altogether as the law allows. Happily, in New York City, the law allows toplessness by both men and women. So that’s the way we do our al fresco reading. If you’re in New York and the weather’s good, won’t you join us sometime…?”

Taken straight from the horse’s mouth, this group of fearless, out going, bra-burning women took full on advantage of the fact that it is one hundred percent legal to go topless in New York City, so long as you keep on your G-string. 

The group is literal to their title in every sense of the word, reading pulp fiction novels-while topless (and outdoors..). It’s members started “making women sexy” in mid August, braving it in city parks and public recreational facilities-as well as some pretty unique-spots as well.

With only fifteen participants taking advantage of the law, the group is striving to send a message to women who want to show the equality between men and women in the City. How cool is it to think of just how far we have come as a society, and women’s rights. The Man certainly wouldn’t have approved years ago.

 Please don’t mistake me—I’m not saying that every time I go to the NYC I want a mini peep show, but to be honest I have seen some man boobs that are pretty comparable, if not totally worse than (and maybe a little bit more offensive than) this. I’m sorry but it’s true. I think everyone has a moment when they think “Oh man, you should put a shirt on”- for that very reason.

Members of the group did an interview with the Village Voice that you can find here. These bodacious, trend-setting, brave babes are also on Twitter and you can find out where the group meets next (should you want to do a little in the buff reading) here.

Show of hands? Who is either going, would go if they could get there, or would think about doing this in their neck of the woods?


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12 Responses to “Topless Co-Ed Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society Bares It All In The NYC”

  1. ManicHendrix says:

    I get why you did it Jen. You were trying to make a valid point right? I didn’t mind it, you didn’t seem derigotary to me at all, sometimes you need to go “there” I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before, as I have read all o your posts so I think because of that it make this ok- you’re not some jerk or anything. Keep doing your thing lady- I thought it was funny- it made me laugh and I think it was a good way to lighten it up a bit- thi is coming from someone who has “man boobs” I didn’t find it offensive but everyones different. That doesn’t mean you should adjust your words to make everyone happy- I think part of doing what you’re doing means that not everyone is going o like what you have to say. It’s all good!


  2. John Dalton says:

    Hello Jennifer, nice article, well done. No offense taken about the moobs.
    You probably already know this but earlier this year a Dutch woman cycling in New York was threatened with a ticket from a cop for wearing a skirt while cycling which is also legal in New York.
    His justification was that her exposed skin was a potential danger to motorists.
    God knows what would have happened if she had been topless as well!!

  3. jhon baker says:

    I have always said that men should keep their shirts on while in public, almost no matter how they look but some consciousness about ones body goes a long way. I have countered this with women ought to go round shirtless more often as it isn't nearly as offensive to the eyes but quite the opposite, the woman has a body beautiful in all shapes and the world would be a far lovelier place should it be unencumbered from the strictures of modern ugly morality.

  4. Kate you are exactly right. I knew for sure that it would need to be explained and to be honest I am surprised it took as long as it did, but I like to think that our community is open minded enough. I would never ever do something with the intention to offend =) and the whole breast feeding thing is crazy too because so many people make such a big deal about it when it is done in public. I never did it in public, but thats just me. I have never seen a woman fully topless without the cover of a blanket or shirt nursing in public so really I don't understand the hype–and the example you gave of your son is a perfect example of part of what I am talking about here. We are instilling segregation at such a young age, and when our children grow hopefully the world will be at a better place, and things will be different. Again this is not the biggest issue on the table, and personally I would not walk around topless, even if it were to make a point, I am just not comfortable like that, but more power to those who can and do. The thing is though this issue is part of a greater whole that if left unaddressed can become quite a destructive force in our society.
    Thanks for commenting Kate~

  5. Exactly! I was not pointing out any body type–I think it needs to be all or none…and I like that "modern ugly morality" thanks for sharing!

  6. Amen Sandi!! I am so glad I am not alone in my thinking. What do you mean by Korean Spa though? Thanks for your thoughts

  7. Sandi says:

    Oh, and in the website they don't show that in the pools, showers, saunas, and scrubs everyone walks around totally naked with a shower cap on. My friend says the shower cap is the great equalizer. – All other parts of the spa you wear a robe.

  8. […] our obsession with sex, American culture doesn’t really encourage nakedness (physically or emotionally). And if all the pleasantries and social constructs we use weren’t bad enough, we […]

  9. This is great ideal. I love it. And i want to go New York and half-nude with them. Amazing activity 🙂