Troy Davis.

Via Tom Grasso (Gyandeva)
on Sep 21, 2011
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This post comes completely from my soul.  It will be short, sweet, and to the point the Love within me wants to make.

I shed tears tonight at the death of Troy Davis.  While it seems his guilt was a far cry from certain, a State in our Union decided it was just to kill him.  Regardless of my very human emotions, any death of another human being at the hands of my brothers and sisters saddens me.  I don’t seek to be a murderer or condone killing of any kind let alone for some feeling of “justice” the weak among us have decided makes things “right”.  Even if Mr. Davis was guilty as charged, the act of killing him is not done by innocent hands but rather by a heart lustful for anger’s retribution.  This lust pushes all compassion and sense of justice to the side.

Yes, I do feel the same sadness for the man who Davis was convicted of killing.  Yet capital punishment is not, to me, about the victim.  It is more about acting like the perpetrator.  I cannot in good conscious condemn a man for doing something and then, in turn, do it to him.  This contradiction goes against the sense of direction given to me at birth.

An executioner is nothing more than a murderer in fancy clothes with a piece of paper that makes his crime “just”.  Those who condone the deaths of others are complicit in that death.  There is violence in condoning violence, and there is violence in doing nothing to stop it.  Those who live by the sword will die by the sword regardless of whether that sword takes the form of a hangman’s noose, an electric chair, or some mixture of chemicals designed to make the murderer feel better about his actions.

Finally, I leave this thought with a simple premise.  We have an individual decision to make.  We can be more like Jesus or more like Romans.  We can be the man who forgives others as they drive spikes through his flesh or we can be the man who wields the hammer.  We can feed the hungry or watch them starve from our feast.  We can be our brother’s keeper or hide our selves in shame knowing what we have done.  The choice is ours, but just as any stone that hits the calm seas the ripples will surely be known.  Tonight, we have again lost a little bit of our Selves as our society kills one of its own in some fancy flight of “justice”.

I have made my choice and as I stretch my arms wide to accept my fate I look out to see yours.  Peace!


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15 Responses to “Troy Davis.”

  1. Sunita Pillay says:

    Thank you, Tom. This is beautiful. May Troy's soul rest in peace. -Sunita

  2. tomgrasso says:

    Thank you sister. Peace to you as well.

  3. Carolyn says:

    Nicely articulated article … I live in Georgia where I believe (I could be wrong) that the majority of Savannahans supported Davis' execution. I am not one of them. I share your sentiments. Thank you.

  4. tomgrasso says:

    It's not the support that bothers me, it's the CAUSE of the support. When we can address those things in us that cater to our devotion to fear we will find that the support will vanish.

    I am a bit sorry for being so preachy here, this just is bothering me to my core. Peace!

  5. tomgrasso says:

    I agree with your statement here. I see this as counter-intuitive in so many ways Emily.

  6. Well said. Thank you.

  7. J Wood says:

    just exactly how do you feel about aborting innocent babies?

  8. Kimberly says:

    Beautiful words; beautiful spirit!

  9. cynycyn says:

    I couldn't stop weeping last night when I saw the crushing news, it's all so ugly. An eye for an eye is not how I choose to live, there is no peace to be found along this path. Thank you for this beautiful piece, it reminds me of how many others feel as I do and it gives me hope.

  10. Isha says:

    May his soul rest in peace

  11. tomgrasso says:

    Isha, this made me smile so THANK YOU. Can a soul do anything else than "rest in peace"?? :)))

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  13. Sara says:

    Tom, I share your feelings towards capital punishment. You're a sweet man.

  14. tomgrasso says:

    A bit like lemonade I'm afraid Sara. 🙂