A Song for Broken Hearts.

Via elephant journal
on Oct 2, 2011
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“I wish nothing but the best for yooouuu tooooo…”

Lindsey blogged up about Adele, and Lindsey is one of those hip kids who’s taste I’m constantly bogarting…so I finally got into Adele a bit a week ago, and then last night…discovered this song.

Listen to the intro in the first two videos—is a keeper.

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Another heart-breaker:

I love the above. She could keep her weight, it she liked, but exercise a little and smoke less and her voice and stamina and longterm career would benefit. That said, not wanting to be a Britney or Katy is right-on, and a good example to music fans.

Her vapid political observations, however…

Bonus: this song does remind me of young love, something I haven’t felt in awhile, now, at 37 years of age. And when I tripped across this student video cover of the song, that feeling was confirmed. This is a song for young broken hearts.

Best youtube comment:

anyone else feel like there should be a copy and paste button for your life into this video? ChandlerB90

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11 Responses to “A Song for Broken Hearts.”

  1. Her voice is just amazing…and lyrics are as well. I use several of her songs during my at-home yoga practice.

  2. Maureen Miller says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Adele!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Andréa Balt says:

    I can't resist Adele either. I've worn out several of her songs. Currently listening to "Turning Tables": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w44dk4ysnz8&ob…. I especially love her live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2GGN3mzhng She sounds like a witch best friend who understands you and, by being broken herself, will somehow break any harmful spells you may be under. She makes vulnerability into a strength (like it should be). Oh and most importantly, she knows how to laugh at herself. That's really something nowadays.

  4. catnipkiss says:

    This song makes me bawl my eyes out, while hoping that the "he" I cry over will be thinking this about me someday soon and I will be in a more satisfying relationship and happy happy happy. Finally. 🙂

  5. warriorsaint says:

    When I first heard that lovely voice I thought to myself finally someone who could play in a biopic of Janice Joplin. But for that face-that exquisitely beautiful face……

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  7. […] And then, I shook it off a little. No more sulking and sighing. Time for a new song (or two, or eight.) As great as they are, I thought I was done with the 108 bazillion covers of Rolling in the Deep and Someone Like You. […]

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