Animal Massacre.

Via Hannah Siegle
on Oct 20, 2011
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The escape of over 40 exotic animals was a big story in the new yesterday. This horrific image was a result.

How was this man allowed to have these powerful and beautiful, yet dangerous animals? A man who had just gotten out of federal prison on weapons charges and who had previously been in trouble for possessing these animals. Yet nothing was done and Ohio Governor John Kasich had recently let a bill expire that dealt with a ban on buying and selling exotic pets.

This event is an extreme violation of ahimsa and the respect for all life.

What is your reaction and how can this be prevented in the future. Make your voice heard!


About Hannah Siegle

Hannah Siegle began to do yoga four years ago initially for the physical practice, however she quickly discovered that the yoga began to do her in ways she never anticipated. The mind, body and spiritual connection that yoga cultivates has helped Hannah through the ups and downs of life, both large and small. She regularly blogs at Balancing on Two Feet on topics such as yoga, mindfulness, eating disorder recovery and all those things people don't like to talk about. She was trained at the RYT 200 through Laurel Hodory and is currently working towards becoming a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist. She teaches yoga throughout Central Ohio with GoYoga ,yogaServe, and also works as an Assistant Editor for the elephant journal!


9 Responses to “Animal Massacre.”

  1. says:

    Via facebook:

    Ramona Hernandez Agreed, and I still don't understand why the state of Ohio didn't do anything for years, this could have been prevented in the first place. We need strong federal regulation in all states. Why do thousands of people have wild animals as pets to begin with? This story is heart breaking
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    Amy Kuenzie I feel exactly the same way!
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    Juliet Deissroth In cages no less. I've read so many things about this tragedy. One point being that he was known to have had these animals and nothing was done about it. How was he able to buy these animals, and was his property registered through any wildlife or gov't agency that required him to be liable as a wildlife animal rescue or refuge? My guess is NO. My guess is he had no staff to care properly for these animals or to feed them properly, etc, etc. The outcome of all these minute details and oversights by the man, his wife, his friends and family, the state and the system that allowed this are all accountable for this disaster.
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    Missy Fjellman agree button
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    Misty Pitcher very sad
    about an hour ago · Like

    Russ Hillsgrove If they can shoot them with live ammo they could have used tranquilizers
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    Alex Marsh King It's the middle of the night. People panic. Cops have power. Therefore they really couldn't do much…
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    Mia Solala what a shame!!…are scared ppl always unable to think? or were these "protectors" just a little bit "trigger-happy"?…they surely aduce a lot of 'good' reasons…but in my eyes it is what it is… a big, fat shame! :'(
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    Stefanie Statler Horrible.
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    Jennifer Finney such a tragic end to an unnatural existence for these powerless animals. very, very sad.
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  2. says:

    Via Facebook:

    Alison Tallman they are called wild animals for a reason – because they are meant to live in the wild. what a despicable waste of life and beauty. what a selfish man to have trapped these creatures and use them for his own pleasure and satisfaction.
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    Christina Norlin The sheriff said he had 35 complaints about this place in the past 7 years; 35 COMPLAINTS!!!! Why didn't they heed the red flags and step in? They knew this man was unstable… I believe the sheriff and state need to be investigated in this horrid event!
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    Vicky Linden Foltz This so sad and soul-crushing…
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    Rob Reitz The blame for this lies solely on the idiot who 'owned' the animals and decided to create mayhem. I'm pretty sure there wasn't a team of 'specialists' on standby in this little ohio town. Meanwhile there are 40 hungry, probably abused / mistreated animals running around. The ones in the town tasked with public safety made their judgement calls and it's kind of inappropriate to second guess them now – especially since your probably lacking in any real experience with any of this subject matter. Put the blame where it belongs and lets solve the real problem which was why did this idiot have these animals in the first place and why are the laws up there so liberal to let someone with a history of run-ins with justice and maltreatment of animals allowed to keep on keepin on with this folly?
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    Jennifer Knox Tragic!
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    Rob Reitz I must add I think it was a terrible waste of life and I wish it could have ended differently as well – but the past cannot be changed – however the future can.
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    Liz Moser Yeah, Christina – that seems to have become the American credo: Don't do anything till it's too late.
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    Karen Lambert Saymansky tgis really hurts my heart i dont understand I had just driven from columbus through Zanesville on Tuesday its not that far to get the proper tranquilizers to them
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    Karen Puerini-Razza its pure and inhumane bullshit. no reason not to tranq, if they were in range to shoot, just dont use a bullet, use medication. sickening.
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    Mary Fitzsimons gun happy morons…' ima bag a tigger', probably gave them all stiffies
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    Greg Willson need for better policy to keep all required tranqs. handy. This does not happen in Afriq from what I understand unless rebels are poaching ivory or rhino tusk. peace 2 tha animals!
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    Lisa Sackos Grrr… How pathetic of them.
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    Cheri A Davis I hope somebody goes to jail for ordering them killed ..what a freakin' idiot…yes, tranquilzers were the answer NOT brutally killing them..makes me crazy to see this!!!
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    Donna DeYoung Human lives at risk … shoot first. tranqs not that reliable and not handy…animals probably better off put now anyways. tragic all around including the "idiot" referred to. he needed help. in more ways than one.
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    Alex Aggro Vader Jebsen Ohio rednecks= blood lust
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    Jennifer Hillman I am shunned.
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    Kat Starr Warren I totally agree!

  3. Liz says:

    When you can't even bring a water bottle on the plane, how did these animals come from where they were to this man? Animals are so displaced that tranqs should be on hand for the coming days. Their behavior was not out of the ordinary for animals that should be in the wild. Why did they have to be killed?

  4. Jennifer Hunt says:

    Reports are saying they had 4 tranquilzers for 56 animals. People here in Ohio are ranting about the worry of their children being eaten alive. They didn't care about the animals being cages on Sunday! There are many farms thoughout Ohio that have exotic -wild animals. Why you ask? $$$ of course. Breeding, gambling and fur. Blood lust is correct. It's horrible. My 2 cents worth. They didn't want to waste money on the medication to sedate them. Where would they take them? They could've placed them back in their cages until decisions could be made. Hmmm? They've been raised in small cages, used and abused. Are they Zoo quality? The Wilds is located close to this farm. The Wilds house Rhinos and other large animals. I think if they wanted stonger more effective medication it could've been obtained. I wonder if the animals were attacking each other? It's all political bull shit! Kudos to our new Govonor Kasich! I say this blood is on his head. He dosen't think exotic pet owning is an issue in Ohio and didn't want to waste time on changing the laws. Weeping the loss of these beautiful creatures. We have so much to learn.

  5. Jennifer Hunt says:

    Mount Hope Auction in Mount Hope, Ohio, holds three auctions annually at which it sells domestic and "alternative" livestock, once called "exotics." Co-owner Thurman Mullet says he used to sell all kinds of wild animals, but after then-governor Ted Strickland, a Democrat, ordered the ban earlier this year, Mullet's auction stopped selling big cats, tigers and bears.

    "We sell zebras, camels, African deer, buffalo, peacocks," he says, many of which come from animal parks and are sold to other parks or petting zoos.

    "Zebras can sell for $2,000 to $5,000. Females are probably worth a little more," Mullet says. "Bear cubs trade for between $300 and $700."

  6. Tanya Lee Markul says:

    Hannah, thank you so much for informing all of us of this horrific atrocity. I can barely look at that photo without feeling ashamed. It is truly disheartening. We have to make a change – all of us have to find our voices!

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  9. marylee says:

    This makes me crazy.. Honestly, I do not understand or have compassion for these people. They care only about their status in society and not their proper place on this earth.

    Posted, shared, and saddened.