October 9, 2011

Bring Back the Dreaming

Images.  Powerful and alive, given to us during
sleep.  They are not just pictures we see
in two dimensions.  These images have power,
energy, and an aliveness to them. They evoke strong and intense
experiences, emotions, and physiological responses.

In Kelly
Bulkeley’s anthropological study called “Dreaming in the World’s Religions”  we learn of the pivotal role that dreams  have played
historically.  Across culture and
time, dreams were a primary source of receiving communication from ancestors,
guiding communities into their future.  Leaders
were those who could read dreams and utilize their guidance for the collective.
But as major religions overcame smaller religions from Africa across Siberia to
the Americas, people were cut off from their personal dreaming heritage.

We have been
cut off from our dreaming heritage as a source of personal spiritual roots, so
much so that many of us don’t even know it exists.  We discount and devalue our dreams as
irrational.  We have been taught to.

So we look
elsewhere for it, the connection to something vast.

And it seems
many have adopted Sanskrit as their spiritual language.  I know of those who find in the study of yoga
and the language a sincere connection in a deep and truthful way. For these
people, hearing it, speaking it, reading it in sacred texts, affects them in a
profound way.  For these people when they
speak it, there is resonation, sincerity and heart behind the words.

Which is
what your ancient, mystical language should do for you.

But so many
seem like chirping, mocking birds to me, repeating what they heard like we’re
all supposed to find our God the same way.

We would do
better to work with our own spiritual DNA, and engage with something from our
own roots.  Our dreams can connect us to
this, providing us each night with personal symbols which speak a meaningful
language all our own.

aren’t the only place we receive images,
of course. All of the yoga poses are symbolic. Recently during yoga I
found myself in a pose that resembled the Mason’s seal – at least that’s the

Mason Seal

image which occurred to me, overlaid on my physical form.  I was in the shape of it, my knees bent up
from a seated position, elbows crossed over them in prayer.

Two days
later in Star Pose, an image of Vitruvian Man, a drawing by DaVinci, filled my

Vitruvian Man

pose.  A bit of research into the
symbolism of these two images yielded that both symbols concern measurements,
proportions.  On a different level, they represent exacting our actions in alignment with the Divine. The circling of the square
is important imagery in Alchemy, an ancient mystical science, and means the bringing together of the inner
and the outer, the upper and the lower, the human and divine…in perfect
proportion. These are the images speaking to me right now, a language I need to
learn. These are the images I will pay attention to and try to understand, righting my actions as I am able.

Engage with
something from your own roots which may or may not turn out to be Sanskrit
after all.  Reconnect with your dreaming
heritage, awake or aslelep.  Bring it back
to its rightful place in correct proportion for the sake of the current
collective need.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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