October 6, 2011

Day 7: World Wide Webbed Wires

When I cleaned out my junk closet, I found a ton of wires; every shape, length, and USB port size and twisted into a jumbled heap.

Apparently, I own some things made by Panasonic and Sony.  I found the charger for the Olympus camera I broke in 2003, which I am sure has a dead battery by now and unearthed an expensive video camera that was used three times.

I have a difficult enough time trying to figure out what to do with all the wires when I have the manual sitting on the desk, so five years later, I am at a total loss. I donated some things to my sons school and will try to recycle the rest.

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We have gotten into the habit of throwing away old electronics, which are obsolete far too quickly.  Disposing of e-waste in landfills can cause severe human and environmental health impacts. Greenpeace wrote and article exposing the e-waste trail. 

I also found a recycling center that specializes in this field.  Elot.com


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