October 13, 2011

Day 14: New Ideas

I decided to clear out my bookshelf and make room for some new ideas.  I put a few of my favorite books in a bin, kept some out that I refer to often, but let go of several others.

I have a thing about Henry the VIII.  I love all books about his reign and his wives and listen to the books on tape in the car.  I will donate them to my son’s school and if I want to re-listen. I will check them out. Some other books went to the local library.

**UPDATE:  I was canceling catalogues on day 3 (Highlighted).  I wrote that I was going to let my Yoga Journal subscription run out and not renew.  Well, today I got a new Yoga Journal subscription as a gift.  I am contemplating canceling the car insurance on my 7 year old car. Lets see what comes back.

 “Holding on to old books doesn’t allow you to create space for new ideas and ways of thinking….you can become set in your ways and develop musty energy like the musty old books you surround yourself with.” Karen Kingston (Creating Sacred Space)

Feng Shui says; It is okay to have a few books in your bedroom but not too many and not in a messy pile.  Clear out your room. Make it a quiet place with just two or three books on hand.

Are you doing The 24 Things Challenge?  Log on and share you experiences with us or if you have your own blog where you are documenting your 24 Things Challenge, I will add you to the official page. Make room for your inspired future

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Read 3 comments and reply

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