October 26, 2011

Deepavali, The Libra Cycle and The Power of Thought

The new moon happens in Libra around 12 noon on October 26. This occurs in the Nakshatra of Swati, ruled by Vayu, the wind – also embodied by Hanuman the monkey God. This Nakshatra gives the power to scatter like the wind, similar to how ideas can scatter.

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But ideas are also the most powerful thing the ego has. When ideas are concentrated toward a single-purpose, great things are possible. In fact, this is what Hanuman symbolizes. He is the King of an army of monkeys.

Does your mind ever feel like a bunch of wild monkeys? Imagine if they were all pulling together toward the same goal. This is the power of Hanuman, son of the wind – son of Prana.

In addition to the sun and moon in Libra, we have an auspicious Mercury/Venus conjunction. This brings enormous creativity and flexibility to the upcoming month.

Conditions / Aspects
However, debilitated Mars also aspects directly, showing we will have to ” fight for our right to party” – or to have what is fair. We may see some aggravated, authoritarian uprisings the next couple days.

Jupiter is also aspecting, and retrograde, from Aries – bringing some indignation over our principles.

This entire configuration in Libra is hemmed between Saturn and Rahu. Hemming brings an environment of stress, as if we feel surrounded by intensity and seriousness.

This relates directly to many of the global uprisings, and even recent death of Moammar Gadhafi. To those in power, trying to maintain the status quo, it’s becoming obvious that “it is game on” now. The “#Occupy” movement is not going away soon and oppressed peoples are rising up as corrupt governments and rigged financial systems weaken.

This next month may catalyze a crucial turning point in untangling the mess of our world toward the new paradigm.

We are on the brink of big changes now, with Mars and Saturn about to change signs.

This new Moon is also Deepavali in India – the festival of light. It mostly celebrates the victory of good over evil and light over dark. But it’s specifically celebrates Lord Rama and his triumphant return.

Deepavali typically happens when the sun is debilitated, as it is now. It is in these times, when our outer light seems the dimmest that we must focus even more intently on the inextinguishable inner light.

The great hero of the Ramayana was Lord Hanuman, the ruler of the monkey (scattered) mind and Prana. The astrologically astute will realize Deepavali is synonymous with the need to marshall the power of the mind and Prana toward the highest truth – like Lord Hanuman.

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