October 11, 2011

Full Moon in Pisces – Beyond the Fear of “Catching Cooties”.

The full Moon happens in Pisces on October 11, 2011 – 7 PM Pacific time. Full moons occur at the halfway point of any Sun cycle. In this case, we are at the halfway point of the Virgo cycle. Meaning, for the last couple of weeks we have been very focused on organizing details, communication, and need to be flexible with these things in order to create an ideal environment. Virgo is a very worldly, earth sign, related to the practical and rational.

Full Moon in Pisces Video Below

The Current Virgo Cycle
The full Moon provides an emotional contrast to the actions we are taking. In this case, the full moon in Pisces give a metaphysical, abstract and more hopeful message and theme to these practical activities. For instance, in the last couple of weeks the #OccupyWallStreet movement has grown to cities throughout the United States. It has become more organized, but has been seen to be “lacking a message – lacking a theme”. That higher point and purpose is the nature of Pisces – and especially the ruler, Jupiter.

In our own lives these themes can also be seen. The last few weeks have been very good for organizing our environment, like our home, our thoughts, other people. But we have to be careful not to get bogged down in the details, losing the bigger picture, constantly trying to “fix” everything (and maybe everyone) – trying to “disinfect” people and situations, like we may disinfect the bathtub. Virgo can be a sign of worry (Tamasic) because there is always a detail we have overlooked, and that might be the one that “gets us”.

Emotional Contrast in Pisces
Pisces is the sign where we remember the bigger picture, the part of us that is not just of this world–that is not just mired in all of these details. There is a higher, metaphysical purpose. But even beyond the higher metaphysics of Pisces, there is the humanitarianism of this sign. Rather than worrying so much about our own skin, and that we might catch “cooties” from “one of them”, Pisces is where we are interested in more universal connections and themes.

The ability to lay our political differences aside is included here. Rather than focus on how we are different, and trying to fix that about another (Virgo). We can feel (Moon) the deeper underlying connection we share (Pisces).

The Nakshatra Revati
The Full moon happens in the Nakshatra Revati. The deity here is Pushan, the shepherd. This is the most selfless of all Nakshatra’s – and also the most gentle. It is where the soul is escorted home after a long and weary journey. In a spiritual sense, it is that layer of peace that comes after the “dark night of the soul”, when we are willing to stand in the fire of truth.

Aspects and Other Conditions
Saturn (and the sun) will be directly opposite this moon in Pisces, in Virgo. This will establish commitment and authority to our inner life. Solitude and introspection could be very important for the next couple of days. We  can grow in emotional maturity and sensitivity to our emotional needs and the emotional needs of others.

Mercury and Venus are in Libra now, opposite Jupiter in Aries – showing a lot of relationship work being done. There is a great willingness to compromise with others now. This is in contrast to Jupiter in Aries, inspired individualism. There’s a lot of push and pull in our romantic involvements now, and a lot of opportunity for growth.

Mars debilitated in Cancer continues to bring emotional frustration, willfulness and perhaps confrontation. The warrior wants to shield and sword, instead he has soft pillows and a teddy bear now. We feel like emotional wimps.

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