Happy Columbus Day!*

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Let’s celebrate Native American Day!

…people have celebrated Columbus’ voyage since the colonial period. In 1792, New York City and other U.S. cities celebrated the 300th anniversary of his landing in the New World. In 1892, President Benjamin Harrison called upon the people of the United States to celebrate Columbus Day on the 400th anniversary of the event. During the four hundredth anniversary, in 1892, teachers, preachers, poets and politicians used Columbus Day rituals to teach ideals of patriotism…

We grew up on this: 1492, sailed the ocean blue.

…Columbus himself saw his accomplishments primarily in the light of the spreading of the Christian religion.[2] Never admitting that he had reached a continent previously unknown to Europeans, rather than the East Indies he had set out for, Columbus called the inhabitants of the lands he visited indios (Spanish for “Indians“)…

But…there’s another side to the amazing discovery, boldness and heroism we learned about.

Greed. Murder. Slavery. Rape. Theft. Millions dead from deliberately transmitted smallpox.

This is more like it. Let’s make Native American Day official!

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6 Responses to “Happy Columbus Day!*”

  1. tomaha says:

    Everyone loves to talk talk talk.

    Question for everyone who agrees with finishing off with columbus day.

    Have you moved out of your homes and given it back to the people who lived here before you?

    I didn't think so.

    So I'm sorry to all of you first generation americans but please go back to where you belong. You are no better then Columbus himself.

  2. Aishah Bowron says:

    Bloody Genocidal Murderer and Slave Trafficker !. That is what Christopher Columbus was !. I wish he was hanged around the neck until he’s dead. I fucking hate him !.

  3. Luis says:

    How celebrate ?, when hundreds of thousands of peaceful natives were raped, killed, robbed , in the name of God, by those gangsters from Spain? Please , it' s enough .

  4. Mathius says:

    How about call it day of redemption and each foreign immigrant of america (not just talking about the newer ones :P) gives something back with sentiment, thankfulness, and a sincere desire to be forgiven so we can move forward together in harmony. I am Native American and a victim of the repercussions of my family being repressed in residential schools, and if others showed such sentiments I'm sure there would be a lot of respect held for those who would and a lot of healing for those who need it. Probably 90% of the Native American population needs it too 😛

  5. Marcia says:

    To those out there who would still like to change hundreds of years of history, I say, get real!. The history of the world has been one of conquest, many did it before Columbus, and many after him. He was not the first one, not the last. But one thing is true, Columbus changed the world, it was the start of the world as we know it today. And for sure, Ladies and Gentlemen, descendants of Europeans, none of us would probably be here today without Columbus' travels. Face it, the history of the world has not been gentle. Instead of complaining about whatever happened hundreds of years ago, we better look around, see what we can do to make our world better, and do SOMETHING ABOUT IT, complaining about Columbus does not change anything, does not make anything better.

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