Help! I’m ignorant about Yoga Women!

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on Oct 7, 2011
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Photo: kristinmirabelle. More info: "This is a picture of me! Haha funny to find. My name is Kristin Mirabelle and I am a yoga teacher based in NYC. You can visit me online at and learn even more cool stuff at our donation based yoga studio here in Bushwick, Brooklyn- Photo by John Kazar at"

10 Questions for Eco-minded Yoga-doing Women between the age of 20 – 40.

I’m writing a little book, a romance. I know all about men, but am pretty ignorant as to the many little details from a yoga-doing woman’s perspective (my little book’s a comedy, a romance, a sendup of our elephanty world).

Do me a favor? Answer the below? Anyone who answers all 10, can be anonymous, in a helpful way in comment section below, just email [email protected] and say “Yoga Girl” in subject bar, we’ll send you a free yearlong subscription to elephant.

I need help! ~ ed.

1. What bodycare/hair products do you prefer? Don’t have to be eco. Is brand, eco, performance or price most important. Please reply in some detail in comments.

2. When you shop for food, what do you buy specifically. Do you cook. Do you take reusable bags. Where do you shop. Do you drive. What do you drive. Do you count calories. Does organic matter? How much. Please be honest and detailed.

3. What clothes do you buy. How often. What’s important: brand, fit, price, eco. Please be detailed.

4. What blogs do you read. What mags do you read. How much/often do you read them. What were last three books you read, including ones you aren’t “proud” of.

5. What are your guilty pleasures that seem out of keeping with yoga/eco lifestyle.

6. What yoga teacher trainings have you done, what was experience of them, how much, do you teach yourself, do you think about owning a studio.

7. What do you do to your hair on a monthly basis. How much spend? Same for make up.

8. Who are your idols? Why?

9. What is your self image? Body image? Confident? Self-conscious? Least favorite part of your body, and why? Do you think you’re good enough?

10. Eco: do you drink out of plastic water bottles? To go coffee cups? Smartwater? Do you recycle them? Be honest and detailed.

Anything else?


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13 Responses to “Help! I’m ignorant about Yoga Women!”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    hippie astronaut food

  2. elephantjournal says:

    Thanks for all the emails!

  3. Emailed you…it didn't fit in the comment thing.

  4. Jackie says:

    I'd love to comment… but I'm 45.

  5. boutiqueyogabrooklyn says:

    This is a picture of me! Haha funny to find. My name is Kristin Mirabelle and I am a yoga teacher based in NYC. You can visit me online at and learn even more cool stuff at our donation based yoga studio here in Bushwick, Brooklyn-
    Photo by John Kazar at

  6. elephantjournal says:

    Yah, this is about crazy immature young'uns hopped up on hormones.

  7. elephantjournal says:

    Wow! Small world. Always great to see that someone's "human," not just an image.

    You asked on twitter, I replied, but…Our policy is to use Creative Commons on Flickr with attribution/link. We're happy of course to take image down. If you'd ever like to write something, we'd be honored! Or feature John's work. I'll improve the attribution above with your info. ~ Waylon

  8. Scott_Newsom says:

    Are you writing a book or doing market research?

  9. yogi tobye says:

    You know all about Men?

    I bet ya don't… I'll put a grand on it…


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  11. elephantjournal says:

    ahahah well I know all about me, I should say, which is a fair start.

  12. M Ricker says:

    1. I like bumble bee hair products

    2 usually Whole Foods or farmers markets. I bring bags. I cook all the time. I like tons of bacon, seriously about 2 lbs per week. I like greens too. Don’t count calories at all. I drive an old Volvo, but ride my bike as much as possible

    3 lulu works and looks good for yoga, but I prefer natural fabrics. I like Real People clothes too.

    4. No magazines. Last 4 books: Gita, Tales of a Wounded Healer, The Hearts Code and Yoni Massage

    5. Bacon, chocolate, italian bitters , beer

    6. I’ve done a few with Shiva Rea. It was awesome!!! Don’t think I would like the drama of owning a studio.

    7 haircut once a month, $60. Hate makeup.

    8. Carl Jung is my idol. He was brilliant and connected all souls.

    9. Teacher, heart-based creature of the universe. I like my butt and legs.

    10. No plastic!! I have a good filtration system in my house.