October 21, 2011

Meghan Currie & Cat: Yoga is free.

{Meghan Currie & Cat: timelapse livingroom}

I love this video, it’s like a scene lifted out of Amelie.

Yoga isn’t pricey: it’s free. It’s as free as the air or the water. Just find a few feet of turf, or beach, or your crowded living room. No need to get away: do it right here, right now.


Yoga is free. It’s beautiful. It feels good. It takes your tired hurt head and neck and heart and karma and pulls them out and smoothes and soothes them the way a potter works with clay, and just a bit of water, and creates something wabi-sabi-perfect: you. As you are meant to be: more fully yourself.

Just do it.

There’s the floor. No mat necessary. Cat a plus:

music: String Quartet No.3: “Mishima”: “Blood Oath” The Smith Quartet Philip Glass: Complete String Quartets

Mishima/Closing Philip Glass Mishima (Original Music Composed By Philip Glass)

Bonus: Meghan Currie Timelapse livingroom

music: Elephant Gun by Beirut My Wife by Beirut


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Read 15 comments and reply

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