October 17, 2011

Moment of the Day: Put Down Your Coffee

“A beautiful, funny, and delicious moment a day…keeps the stress away.”

Beautiful Moment of the Day: Put Down Your Coffee

I love the quote below…because it’s so easy to get caught looking through a narrow perspective, not realizing all the amazing stuff happening along the way.

I remember reading about a guy who had a near-death experience. Whether you believe in that or not, what he saw and heard was fascinating.

He recalls walking into the light, and meeting someone who took him on a journey back through his life to view all the moments and encounters he missed, because he lacked the grace to recognize how he was being Supported.

Take a moment today, if not just a moment, to consider the idea of grace. To soften, listen, observe.  As an over-caffeinated freak, I tell you, this is not easy to do.

But the idea that we might be missing something because we don’t have time to look between the cracks, into the spare moments, off to the side of the road…

…should be enough to give us pause…

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David Romanelli

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Read 6 comments and reply

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