October 15, 2011

Occupying LA–Thoughts From the Front Lines. ~ Magda Rod

Today is day 14 of Occupy Los Angeles.

We are just two weeks old and all things considered, the camp is pretty well-organized. Hundreds of dedicated protestors have been camping out on the lawn of City Hall in Los Angeles for two solid weeks now, in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.

Last night while looking at the encampment from across the street, with our tent city sprawled across the grass under the towering castle-like building that is City Hall, I realized that we have quite literally “stormed the castle.” It’s amazing to witness. I’m watching democracy in action, up close and personal every day. It unfolds before my eyes and it gives me real hope for the possibility of us collectively building a future that can work for all.

On any given day, one can visit to occupation and witness committee meetings in progress. Groups are working daily on demands, finance, actions, coordinating food, security and so much more. I have been designated the point person for the Yoga and Meditation Committee.

Teachers interested in offering classes can send an email to me at [email protected]. We will be getting schedules up online soon, so stay tuned on our social media channels and website for updates. One of my intentions here is to create space for people to connect with their center and stay grounded.

Seane Corn and her colleagues from Off The Mat into the World visited us yesterday and is planning an event to bring the yoga community down to the occupation to voice their support.

On day 12 we hosted “Lunch with Marianne” when Marianne Williamson joined Occupy LA and spoke her mind about the occupation while occupiers enjoyed a catered organic and vegan lunch from Cafe Gratitude.

The heart of the movement comes from the nightly General Assembly meetings. The process is sometimes excruciating and at other times exhilarating. Last night felt like a victory when I successfully managed to get my first ever proposal through the GA.

After hearing a brilliant idea originating from Marisa Russo to create a daily moment of silence to recognize solidarity between all the occupies, I took it to the GA. We went through the process of “points of clarification,” questions and then a vote. It passed, so the moment of silence connecting all the Occupies will officially start noon PST, Saturday, October 15, and continue daily.

We’re tying to get it into the International Day of Action, where thousands of cities around the world are claiming solidarity in the global protest that is calling for economic justice.

My inner activist has come out, and the question I’m interested in now is “where is your inner activist?”

And will they come out and play in this grand possibility of a real revolution that truly can lead us to a world that works for everyone? So many dedicated occupiers here are aligned in the sentiment that “we’ve been waiting our whole lives for this moment.” You can get involved by visiting an occupation near you, or starting your own if there isn’t one.

To help support Occupy LA, start by visiting the Occupy Los Angeles website, and then you can come down and visit the welcome tent where you can learn how to get more involved. Bring donations of supplies or clothes, water or packaged snack foods. We have a box to collect ideas for the demands committee, and if you have great ideas about how to make the movement stronger, rather than share critical comments with your friends, come down and share them in the GA.

This is a “leaderless” yet “leaderful” movement. Bring your ideas and your voice. Participate even by just spreading the word about the movement via whatever channels you have. Talk to your friends and neighbors, share news on social media, leave fliers around town etc. This simple outreach can be really meaningful.

This movement is just in it’s infancy, and in the words Marianne Williamson shared with us this week, I intend to: “Keep it smart, keep it non-violent and keep it growing.”


Magda Rod is an ecopreneur based in Los Angeles and the founder of Visionary Consulting & Visionary Boutique. She enjoys being an eco-warrior, activist, Visionary Lifestyle Guide, freelance producer, photographer, blogger, designer, stylist, PR & Marketing guru, yogini, raw chef and mom. Magda writes about topics that move her soul with hopes to inspire others. Assisting social and environmental transformation to help create a world that works for everyone is her mission. Her website and blog can be found at: visionaryactivistnetwork.org

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