The Recipe for an Amazing Life

Via Ali Schultz
on Oct 14, 2011
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Ever wish you had a map for life’s adventures?

On September 1, 2011, I gave a talk at Ignite Boulder 16 on “Plus Less Than Three: The Algorithm of an Amazing Life.” It was inspired by a late June conversation under a tree in a thunderstorm with my friend Lark where we discovered the key to this co-creative universe with the simple logic of + < 3, symbolizing more heart.

Heart is the secret ingredient for an amazing life, especially when things feel mind-bottled and stressful. This simple formula helps make decisions in the moment and practicing allows you to be present for whatever arises. It helps with uncertainty, finding clarity, acting with grace and feeling life’s bliss. And the best part is, the more you add, the more exponentially awesome life gets. Enjoy the talk, and see what resonates.



PS. For the transcript, you can read that here.


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Ali Schultz is a Boulder, Colorado, based writer, artist, and beautiful web-builder: the chief creative conspirator of Auspicious Projects, her creative consultancy—a place of soul and savvy where ideas are brought to life in text, image and tech. Cut from a star in a nearby galaxy and born on the cusp of a full moon in Virgo, she believes firmly in the pursuit of human excellence and that dreams are divine callings. She dishes up art, creativity and inspiration at her blog, Find her on twitter @manifestcookies.


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