A shared experience in Art, BNC and Redline Gallery

Via Jeffrey Woodruff
on Nov 9, 2011
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National choreographers, dancers, musicians converge in Denver for A Shared Experience in Art.

11-13 November 2011
Red Line Gallery + BNC Dance

Last weekend Ballet Nouveau Colorado performed in the round at Denver’s Redline Gallery.  The performances featured BNC and guest choreographers Garrett Ammon, Maurya Kerr, Lane Gifford, Sarah Tallman and Dawn Fay introducing audiences to five new works, all paired with Redline Gallery artists- Theresa Clowes, Virginia Folkestad, Thomas Guiton, Jennifer Miller, Bruce Price, Gretchen Schaefer, Sarah Scott. From solo performances paired with art hand crafted geometric figures to floating tapestries creating a veil of shadows and light on the Redline stage.

This weekend Redine’s visual artists and Ballet Nouveau Colorado take the show to North Denver.

November 11-13 In Denver
A Shared Experience in Art

The show marries the stunning visual art of Redline resident artists with BNC’s engaging contemporary dance troupe.  For more information on this weekends performances and to reserve your seat

Shared Experience
A Shared Experience in Art


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